FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 1/15/21

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

It feels like Nakamura has been wasting away for the last few years, so this renewed push is great to see. I love that guys like Adam Pierce, Charles Robinson and Jey Uso have important roles on this show. These might not be the guys you think about at first, but they all bring something to the overall product. Dominic had a very rough showing on commentary, but you know who didn’t? That would be 2 time John Pollock award winner, Billie Kay. It was the Riott Sisters who were responsible for breaking up the IICONIC’s, but I suppose WWE wants us to forget that. An obstacle course seems like the kind of segment that could end up as a worst of the year nominee, but I have faith in Bayley pulling it off. Feels like RAW and SmackDown are produced by two different companies right now. 8.

Where does that weird Angelo Dawkins Simpsons joke rank on the WWE pop culture


Everything on Smackdown had purpose fuelling it:

  • Roman Reigns has been presented as an unstoppable, string-pulling force of nature and it was a refreshing change of pace to see him get outsmarted by Adam Pearce.

  • Hearing Shinsuke Nakamura’s old theme song again made me smile.

  • Daniel Bryan continues to be selfless by giving Cesaro a nice boost in the match of the night. Superb selling from both men and I loved that it was a clean finish.

  • Dominik was ROUGH on commentary.

  • Billie Kay is hilarious.

  • Apollo Crews has a new edge to him and it could work wonders for him. Big E chillin’ on a couch is such a mood.

  • The Bayley talk show segment was solid. Not too keen about having an obstacle course to further their feud but I’m sure it’ll be a showcase for Bianca’s athleticism.

The difference of quality between this show and Raw is not even fair!