FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 1/22/19

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Brandon from Oshawa

Not going to go on a huge love fest this week for the show, but I thought it was really solid as usual. The standout to me, was the Mustafa Ali promo. It wasnt anything classic, but I really loved how the incorporated his past into it, shot it away from the arena and used it to juice up your normal recap package. They recap so much on these shows and something as small as this can really make those packages feel more fresh.

Its pretty widely thought that Rollins will take on Lesnar at Wrestlemania, what do you guys see as the option for the WWE Title though? I wouldnt mind seeing Bryan/Mysterio at Wrestlemania.

Andrew from Cape Breton

One of the best Smackdown’s in awhile. Daniel Bryan’s promos just keep getting better. I would love it if he started referring to himself as the WWF Champion. He’s certainly a friend of the World’s wildlife, and an enemy of baby boomers everywhere. How is this man the heel? I don’t know if the planet would tell Bryan to shut up, but I’m pretty sure the planet would tell AJ that it’s round. Great matches tonight, I loved the style of Mustafa Ali’s promo, pretty much everything was good. The only nitpick is poor Naomi. She can’t beat Mandy in the ring or in her hotel room. 9 out of 10 show.

Hey guys,

Hope you enjoyed the weather in Toronto today as much as I did. -3 never felt so good.

This is the first episode of Raw or Smackdown I’ve watched in weeks, and only did so because of the hype from last week’s Mysterio vs. Andrade match.

The match was great and different than last week’s, but I have got to deduct points for the finish. It’s the usual kind of schmoz you see on the go home show before a major PPV. At least things are left open for yet another match between these two.

My only other criticism of the show is that Ali vs. Joe was too short. It was good for what it was but they’ve definitely got a better match in them and I hope this feud continues. Ali cut a great promo.

I don’t know what it is, but apart from Wrestle Kingdom which is always an amazing show, this January has had some great wrestling from a number companies in both North America and Japan and I have to give some credit to WWE for adding to this as well.


Do you know how well ticket sales are like for both nxt & royal rumble are they near sold out?

Mark from Vaughan

I continue to be blown away by Mysterio’s renaissance over the last few years. Grew up watching his great matches against Malenko and other WCW cruisers and it’s insane to think he’s just as good 23 years later. A true legend.

Question: With all the talks of contracts these days, what do you think the odds are of an established guy’s deal running out in time to show up at Double or Nothing? I’m thinking mid-card along the lines of Cesaro, Chad Gable, Andrade, etc. WWE must be trying to lock everyone down before then.

Roger from Cincinnati

Normally I am a “wait to hear from John and Wai how the show was” type of person, but all the match ups advertised this week for SmackDown had me enticed enough to actually check out the show live. Andrade vs Rey was an instant classic and I hope these two get a big PPV match in the future. I was thoroughly entertained by the Bryan and AJ segment, and in particular Bryan’s promo abilities. But the standout for me on this show was by far the Mustafa Ali promo video. I really loved the gritty look of it and Ali continues to show that he is a star and deserving of being on SmackDown. The subsequent match with Samoa Joe was great as well. WWE should definitely do wrestling on TV more often.


Quick thoughts:

  • for how unscripted and natural Bryan sounds on his rants, it feels like when Vince tells “Enough of This” it’s him deciding as a producer he doesn’t like it anymore. Vince in segments brings the element of reality into question.
  • Andrade and Rey are putting on G1 caliber : NXT Takeover level matches on Smackdown Live. It’s awesome to see and I really think great wrestling is a better use of 20 minutes. I want a best of 7 series out of these two culminating at Mania.
  • I didnt miss Randy Orton. Randy Orton is the old WWE. He doesn’t work well with current new talent. Why is he back and was anyone clamoring for a return that’s going to wind up in a match at Mania?

Reggie from Wichita

Loved the show. Glad my city showed up in spite of the cold and snow. Rey vs Andrade was easily the highlight, with the dark main event with Becky, Charlotte and asuka coming in second for me (with some fun comedy spots).

The most surprising thing to me is how over the lucha house party is. Every kid within earshot of me went wild for their 205 live appearances. And by the end of the night my wife was a fan of them too.

I think hardcore fans often underestimate how popular Randy Orton is. There is definitely a place for him at the 36 hour show that is Wrestlemania.

I also think he’s more then capable of working well with prominent names on the roster. He’s had good matches with AJ, Nakamura, Rey and Jeff off the top of my head. It just feels like from a story perspective there hasn’t been much going on with him the last couple years.