FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 1/22/21

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Erin from Brampton

First of all, Wai, I loved the Wellness Policy! I can’t wait to hear more of you and Jordan.

As for tonight’s show, the difference between Raw and Smackdown is just day and night. If Raw was the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Smackdown would be the Mandalorian. Just about everything tonight shows why Smackdown is usually appointment viewing. I loved the Roman stuff , the Sami protest, and even how goofiness of Sasha vs Reginald.

On a separate note, did you guys hear about NBC possibly dissolving NBC Sports? I read online that Wednesday night hockey would move to the USA network, and that could affect NXT. Do you think the WWE would press harder to keep NXT on TV for Wednesday or just cave in and move to Tuesdays?

Paul from New Jersey

SmackDown is everything RAW isn’t. It has fun characters like Sami Zayn, Reginald and 2 time Post award winner Billie Kay. It has a great main event programs between Roman and KO as well as countless other performers that make SmackDown worth watching. The obstacle course had every reason to fail, but I thought it was great. Yes you have Dominic and Corbin, but no show is perfect. I’ve also enjoyed Adam Pearce as the authority figure. I dare to give this show an 8.5. I enjoyed most segments.

Raw lately has insulted my intelligence. However, Smackdown has constantly rewarded it from the Roman saga to Sami’s sit-in protest (some of the signs are hilarious) to Sasha Banks and Reginald putting on a better-than-expected intergender match to Bayley/Bianca’s obstacle course challenge and Kevin Owens standing tall.

The A-show is firing on every cylinder.