FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 1/30/18

Please leave us any feedback or questions for:
-SmackDown Live
-205 Live
-Mixed Match Challenge
-WWE 24: WrestleMania Orlando

Tune into Review-A-SmackDown late tonight.


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Lara from Vancouver

A nothing Smackdown. It dawned on me today that Owens is the offseason main eventer. The guy they trust to carry a brand for months and then shove down the card come Mania season.

I hope the end game of the Shane/Bryan story isn’t just a fast tracked Owens and Zayn split, and a Mania match between the two. Owens and Zayn still have so much to offer as a duo.

The Mixed Match Challenge was the highlight of the night. Braun and Bliss have excellent natural chemistry and that Twisted Bliss off Braun’s shoulders was incredible. The post match promo was great as well. I’d love to see these two together down the road on the main show.

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Terry from Colorado
Interested to see what 205 live does moving forward. Two interesting matches to start the tournament off with as well. Also curious to see the full bracket. Do you know if Swann will be back anytime soon since the charges were dropped?

Jochy in Chicago.

Thought SD Live was an ok show. Im hopeful for the Nakamura/AJ build, dont expect them to reference The WK10 match so I’m ok with the whole Dream Match thing.

Do you guys think these selfie promo vids are a cost cutting decision? After 2 days I’m done with them.

Biggest highlight was Braun/Alexa on the MMC, that was awesome. Seemed like they were allowed to improv a bit.

Great to see Spud on 205 Live now and it seems its a new beginning for the show.

Thank you guys for all the coverage this weekend!

Lewis from Scotland

A fairly bland Smackdown that struggled to keep the MOMENTUM going from the Nakamura Rumble win and just served as another week of plain old TV. The highlight was a decent Uso’s promo, although the cell door gimmick was a little cheesy and I worry they’re going to get fed to the Bludgeon Bros. I think we could see a Hogan/Nash esque finish for the Owens and Zayn match next week though as it’s far too soon to call it quits with that team just yet.

Where do you see both of them for Mania? I hope it’s not another Shane match but it’s basically the only direction I can see this going and this storyline really doesn’t look to be wrapping up any time soon.

Great to see Spud on 205 Live now and it seems its a new beginning for the show.

Who the Hell is this “Spud” you’re talking about?


But all kidding aside. Smack Down was a ho hum show.I know in the past the one bright spot was the tension between Shane and Bryan, but even that’s been cooled off for weeks.

Poor Tye. He’s very much on a “Zack Ryder” level of a guy who the crowd had interest in but the company doesn’t see it. I figured he’s at least be involved with Owens and Zayn, but Baron Corbin needs a win after looking like an idiot on Sunday.

The Riot-t-t-t Squad are still terrible.

6 Bloddy Orange looking Drake Maverick’s out of 10

Sam from Glasgow

Couple thoughts on 205 Live…
Spud as GM adds something to the show that I never realised was missing, but I can’t help but wonder how him and EC 3 wouldve worked together in wwe

If my maths is right, there’s two empty slots in this tournament, would I be foolish to think Rey is one?

All in, i kinda hope Enzo gets fired every week, if it makes 205 Live this good

Derek from Chicago

I thought tonight’s Smackdown would be a nice diversion from watching that giant orange-hued guy deliver the State of the Union tonight. Instead I was treated to another giant orange-hued dude in Zach Ryder. Seriously it looked like he passed out in a tanning bed for the entire first year of the Trump presidency.

Bobby Roode is not really good on commentary. But here’s hoping for a double turn next week in his match against Rusev.

I liked the Carmella/botched MITB spot. It was nice to see something a little different. And I’m glad it didn’t result in a failed cash in. (Side note…the ladies MITB briefcase looks like a giant Junior Mints box…).

Also did we lose Dolph Ziggler again? Not that I was really clamoring to see him or anything, but come on. He leaves. He’s back in the Rumble. He’s gone again with no explanation of where he’s been or why he gave up the title. It’s WWE booking to a “T.”

Overall this was a meh show. Five sun-charred Bobby Roode’s out of ten.

Mondocurry in the Bronx.

2 highlights:

First, Rusev Day, which is over, but fortunately not finished. Though you wouldn’t know it from this live audience.

Second, a main event with 4 of the most compelling performers in wrestling today.

But what will be replaying in my brain is a prison door graphic closing over and over during the USO’s otherwise pretty solid promo (though you wouldn’t know it from this live audience), complete with sound effect. And then, Daniel Bryan with a promo…no i guess it was an announcement, using his cell phone camera, because that’s what a GM would do. Oh, and it was accompanied by graphic captions popping up on the screen. It was like they were rewinding a Smackdown to a time when these would be cool, which was arguably never.

5 out of 10.

Jalen from Pickering,

Those selfie promos with the words on the screen need to go, I don’t think they could have picked a more obnoxious font. The show was pretty nothing overall, but I have to question the directions of Rusev, and Owens & Zayn in particular. Rusev is more over than he’s ever been with English, I think it makes more sense for them to chase the tag titles heading into Mania, instead of possibly feuding for a title he’s already had 2 solid runs with. Owens & Zayn is worse: if Vince took a headbutt, Shane dove off the cell, Zayn turned heel, and Bryan and Shane feuded all to get to ANOTHER Owens & Zayn match, that is severely disappointing. 5/10

Question: What would you guys have Rusev, Owens, and Zayn doing at Mania?

Chase from New Orleans

Middling episode of Smackdown. I actually really like the selfie promos as a concept, as having the performers cut promos directly into the camera and without the robotic interviewer questions is way more compelling. The wording appearing on screen is a bit much though and needs to be toned down.

The Sami/Kevin breakup seems too rapid, and my guard is up for a swerve that leads to AJ dropping the title to one of them at Fastlane. It would be so WWE to tease Nakamura and AJ for a month before taking it away.

But maybe it’s just bad storytelling and not a leadup to a swerve. That’s also very possible.

Zubin from North Van
Production really needs to slow down with the distracting graphics. Tonight’s best examples coming back-to-back for the Usos. First the tacky block-writing subtitles during a good lead-in promo. Then. Right after, during their in-ring promo with that god-awful lock-down graphic. I’m not sure what production is trying to achieve -perhaps entertain children- but tonight it detracted from one of the best Uso promos I’ve ever heard.

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Viktor from Bulgaria.

SmackDown was the definition of “meh”. I’m giving it a 7 stacked Acolades out of 10 because of Rusev, otherwise it’s a 5. If they continue putting animations on my screen (ROCKSTAR during Nakamuta’s entrance, a prison? animation during Uso’s promo, stylized fonts during Rusev’s and Roode’s promos) this show and I will have a serious falling out.