FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 1/8/19

I forgot to post this thread in time to get on Rewind-A-SmackDown, but you can leave your thoughts on SmackDown and the AEW press conference here and we’ll read as much as we can on this week’s DOUBLE SHOT.

UPDATE: So it looks like we ran out of time on the Double Shot. Apologies. Please continue to leave your feedback for all to enjoy here.

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Great episode of smackdown and the best I’ve seen in a while. How do you think the staff have been balancing the roster so far with characters sharing the spotlight every other week.

Joey from Queens,

Good Evening gentleman, before I begin I wanted to let you guys know that my grandmother really appreciated your guys response to the feedback we gave last night. So much so she agreed to sit down and watch Smackdown with me. I explained to her before I went to work that the Smackdown was leaps and bounds better than raw, but sadly I think I used up all of my opportunities to watch weekly WWE television with a family member. Even though I will be here for next week’s Raw and Smackdown my grandmother being an avid tennis fan will be watching the Australian Open, and since she agreed to watch WWE with me I agreed to watch tennis with her. Good god what did I get myself into.

Anyway on to my thoughts, this show was a wholly hell of a lot better than Raw. I love this heel Daniel Bryan character and his match with Truth was actually pretty good, nothing special, but I was surprised to see what Truth was able to do at the ripe old age of 46. The first tag match was probably the low point of the show as we flipped channels to record our “beloved” president address the country about the shutdown and the wall, but in a vacuum the match was serviceable and man why did they picture and picture entrances, I get it for when they do it in between matches but it was kind of unnecessary since unless you like Mustafa Ali’s entrance gear, nothing was missed. The segment with Rusev and Nakamura was really good and showed the intense side of Rusev that I feel is lost in the comedy. The second tag match for the #1 contendership was great, my only problem was the finish, if it wasn’t for the fact that my grandmother was mortified that Mandy Rose came in what was insinuated to be nothing but a towel on live TV gave me a good hardy laugh, the end could soured the match a lot more for me. Finally the triple threat at the end was, and i hate to be repetitive, fucking great, and it was the only match between both shows that in my opinion my grandmother every really got into. She ask a lot of questions about the 3 competitors and was rooting for who she called “The Blonde” the entire way.

My Grade: 8/10
While i forgot to ask Grandma what her grade was before she went to sleep, I’ll say she gave this show a 2/10, which trust me is an massive improvement.

Thank you guys for the awesome weekly content and hopefully one day I will be able to convince my grandmother to come back with me to the Post Wrestling Cafe.

Hey Guys, Ventak from Mumbai.

Had an opportunity to catch SD Live Live, here are a few thoughts

  1. Daniel Bryan is just hitting it out of the park with this character. He’s so god damn entertaining and is probably my favorite character right now in WWE. How the WWE can script two heels in Ambrose ad Bryan and get it so wrong with Ambrose is beyond me. The match with Truth was decent as well. The line I popped at was backstage Bryan saying that he’s doing it for AJ’s kids as well. What a Babyface!

  2. The Almas/Joe vs Rey/Ali was fantastic. Great work from all four and the Canadian Destroyer was a genuine surprise. Big win for Almas and I hope this propels him to a great showing at the Rumble and forward

  3. Rusev/Nakamura segment was whatever and Nakamura’s “English” promo is still average at best. I’m glad Nakamura’s back to the red and black attire, the blue gear was just awful.

  4. Usos vs Bar was really good and I wasn’t disappointed by the finish a lot either. I like the interweaving storylines even if the Naomi/Rose storyline is rather stupid. It keeps the Usos not looking weak in defeat. I still would’ve preferred seeing Sanity or the Club built up but I guess Miz/Shane is something new as well.

  5. The Promos leading up to the main event were all alright, but the Main Event was very good.Do you think Sasha & Becky/Asuka enter the Rumble this year? I assume it will be a 30 woman rumble again and they do need people to fill it out.

All in all a great Smackdown. Fantastic matches, fantastic Daniel Bryan segment and great building towards the rumble. The Gene Okerlund Video was Fantastic as well (Did not get to catch RAW this week).

8 DB Mustard Stains on shirt out of 10.

I didn’t get to catch the AEW Rally live, So referring to John’s notes on the forum, I’ve got to say I’m excited for AEW but I have no idea what kind of product they’re gonna have. I’m sure they have a whole lot of things planned and this is just the beginning.

Do you guys think they will have a weekly wrestling show and if so, what could be the upper end of their TV contract. If it is just a PPV only kind of show, do you think they will expand BTE to be a more traditional story telling platform like the 10 pounds of Gold stuff

Matt from Melbourne

Hey guys,

Smackdown hits it out of the park again!

How good was that Daniel Bryan promo? Walking from the back of the arena to the ring whilst interacting with fans and not skipping a beat the whole way. His delivery was fantastic!

What program do you see for Bryan at Mania this year? Could AJ vs Bryan be stretched that far?

Speaking of Mania, it still seems cloudy who faces Ronda at Mania. I can see Becky losing the title match against Asuka and then going on to win the Rumble. But I’m just not sure they can leave out Charlotte. Do we get a 1994 style Luger Hart finish where they both challenge Ronda in a 3-way?

I watched the AEW rally live and while it is exciting to see what they can do, it did seem a little amateur hour. Maybe it should have been held indoors press conference style instead? Thoughts?

Thanks guys, keep up the great work!

It took 5 minutes for a WWE performer to reference - whether on purpose or not - AEW when Daniel Bryan declared he was Changing the World

The past two nights have opened with what feels like Jeremy Borash / TNA produced back stage shots with shaky cameras and willing fans. Of course it’s come off way better in a bigger setting but I wonder if this is a style they are trying to incorporate. Either way I like it.

Lots of AEW thoughts and apologies for filling a bunch of the threads with similar postings. I am going to try and call in to the Hangout and maybe revisit the likely or unlikely I did on the BTE Review A Wai

Hey guys,

Unfortunately we ran out of time on this week’s Double Shot as well, so no on-air feedback this week. However, please continue to leave your thoughts here for everyone to read.

– Wai

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