FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 10/18/19

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

A very lackluster edition of SD. Not a lot of matches really mattered. I’ve enjoyed the Bayley heel turn, but tonight was a step back. A face blaming the fans and turning is something we’ve seen too often lately. Shorty G was bizarre and cringe. Positives, Drew Gulak cut a promo on SD. one the Yankees are 3 outs away from forcing game 6. Tag main event was not a good hook at all.


Andrew from Cape Breton

So I post here under the name Andrew from Cape Breton, but I’m also Andrew MacDonald when my name is read out on Rewind a Wai. So I got to thinking, maybe I should shorten this up and avoid confusion. Maybe I should go as Capey A or Brety M. Anyway, Smackdown was ok tonight. They had some great video packages with Lighty A and Meanie B. Strongy S got a big win tonight, but I wish PowerPointy G had a stronger debut. Fatty O also continues to impress during his tag team matches. Anyway, decent show overall, 5 horrendous new names out of 10.


Tyler from Orlando,

Smackdown still feels a little different and new, but tonight’s episode was kind of back to reality. The main difference to me was them letting multiple women have a chance to stand out. I feel we haven’t seen some of these ladies in months. I thought Gable’s promo actually sounded fine considering the name change, the rumors were true… Shorty G has arrived… 6/10

Alex from Maple

I like shorty G. It’s cool and maybe he can do an Ali G type character now.

Bayley has decent promo.

Rest of show was worthless. Main event was pointless waste of time

Mediocre is a kind way to describe this show, damn Kofi looks worse week by week not caring about losing his title. I tapped out to watch the UFC show. Maycee Barber is going to be a problem. If this is what the Bruce Pritchard era is going to be, I’ll pass and listen to you guys instead

It’s hard to believe they are in the third week of what should be an almighty push of an exciting and fun product to a network TV audience.

This was a nothing show. I’m struggling to remember the in-ring stuff and it’s only been half an hour since it went off air.

The Bailey promo wasn’t bad but about twice as long as it should have been.

And all I can say about the Chad Gable segment is the name “Shorty G” is shitty AF.

Peter from Long Island.

Haven’t written here in awhile. I’ve been sick all week, and since I don’t care about MLB playoffs and the NY Rangers might be better off playing baseball, I finally watched Smackdown. One of the few segments that stood out was the Bayley promo. It was ok but she seemed awkward trying to act like a heel. Plus her telling the fans “Life sucks and then you die.” kind of makes her a face in my eyes. Maybe Nikki can be new face the preteen kids look up to.

I’ve got nothing else. 4 Shorty G’s out of 10.