FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 10/23/18

Leave us your feedback, questions, interest level in Evolution and anything else.

Tune into Rewind-A-SnackDown for reviews of SD Live, Mixed Match Challenge, the latest involving WWE / Saudi Arabia and today’s news items.


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Brandon from Oshawa

I sadly fell asleep for Smackdown other than the beginning and the end. I enjoyed the Big Show squash and didnt care for another Orton/Hardy match. I did make sure to set my alarm though, so I can wake up for everyones favorite feedback…

Johnny Mundo Survivor(Week 4)
This week the David & Goliath tribes made it to the Tribal Swap where they went from 2 tribes, into 3 smaller tribes. If you remember, I recapped a member of the David tribe(Christian) last week, wondering about SlamTown. This guy ended up on the same tribe as John, so we got some more goodness from him this week, now that he could ask John questions. We found out that this guy wants to visit SlamTown and wanted to know how to get there. He wanted to know what the Demographics of SlamTown are. John simply told him, its a place that he sends his opponents and then let us know in a confessional that he feels very awkward in one on one moments like this.

Johns tribe ended up winning the first immunity out of the two given out this week, which meant not only was he safe for another week, but he also got brownies, croissants, coffee among other items to fuel him for the rest of the game.

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Paul from New Jersey

Kind of unforgettable episode of SmackDown. The woman’s battle royal segment was that same cliché cluster brawl. I have to say, this is one time where the CM Punk chants were plenty warranted.

Becky Lynch is doing the best work of her career. This match should absolutely main event Evolution.

So I can only assume that with “American hero” John Cena’s absence from crown jewel the odds of hulk hogan appearing have increased somewhat…

Sadly my only interest in the battle royal is just to see how many eliminations Michelle McCool gets what’s you’re guess? Higher or lower than the 5 she had in the Rumble? I wonder if the nxt rookie’s in the battle royal have to refer to her as Mrs Undertaker… :thinking:

Javontae from Pontiac, Mi

Hey guys, I’ve got a great idea, let’s promote our first ever women’s ppv by having them not main event on the go home shows. I understand the angle from Raw’s main event but tonight we had a match that we’ve already seen multiple times in recent memory that could have been saved for next week due to the fact that they still have an episode of Smackdown before Crown Jewel.

Anyway, even if the Charlotte/ Becky video closed the show, this would still be a very lackluster episode. I briefly found myself intrigued during the Mysterio/Miz match. That’s the only reason why my rating is as high as it is.


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Brandon from South New Jersey aka New Jersey

My dearest Jerseyites

Hey guys it’s me been awhile since we spoke hope Wai is well rested since his epic move and hope all is well in the Postal Universe. Just wanna chime in on this episode yeah it was lacking. If this was a go home show it made me wanna go home and I wasn’t even at the event I mean just cause I’m from New Jersey doesn’t mean I wanna go to Newark. Ever been? Any Whoo this show was so forgettable the only lasting memory was Jeff Hardy new rash paint job.

Meanderings of a mad man

-why are Jeff hardy’s promos like Ted talks. He should of entered the post wrestling King Haku contest he would have been the favorite

-where has Samoa cookie Joe been?

-sep at birth the minister that interviewed the undertaker and Joe Montana

-They can’t be going to Crown Royal right? I mean they can skip it and take blood money next year. It’s not worth it Vince

I’m out of here peace


Mj from Northern Nj but now in NYC

Hey guys. Really just leaving feedback for the double shot (can this be a thread in the future?):

  • did you listen to Corgan on The Ringer podcast or read the transcribed version. This guy has taken his fair share of poop but he’s definitely got a creative and innovative mind for the future of wrestling. I love what he’s selling both in terms of his goals and the broader industry.
  • have you seen any of Tama Tonga’s tweet rants lately. He goes at The Elite pretty hard and makes some bold claims. He’s either living the gimmick to the fullest or he’s shooting his shot. He’s been entertaining as hell
  • Don Callis turning on Kenny Omega in a clearly designed for YouTube angle at Kenny’s birthday was fun. Don Callis called himself the invisible hand of pro wrestling. Thoughts?
  • I recall John had the idea of a new year’s day episode in which The Elite crew would reveal their decision. Are you writing for BTE or are you part of the Villain Club?
  • thoughts on Jericho’s cruise? Feels like it didn’t sell great but also is producing some great matches that I think there will be interest in. I will be checking them out wherever they are airing them.

Smackdown was weak today but that segment in the performance center was great. Was I the only one pausing to see if I could name everyone ? Who was the very tall blonde in the back ? I’ve never seen her before.

Today I realized that everyone didn’t have left turn jug handles like we do in Jersey