FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 10/23/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Andy from London

I thought this was a pretty flat episode of smackdown if I’m honest, it didn’t do much for me as a go home show, although I am still pumped for the 2 smackdown cell matches on Sunday

The Sasha/Bayley feud has been strange; the build throughout the summer has been the best thing going in WWE, yet over the last 2 weeks it’s felt like it’s stumbled over the line. That said, it will be all forgotten by Sunday; I’m just hoping that it gets the main event slot on the PPV. There’s a huge amount of anticipation for this match, and let’s be honest, anything less than WWE match of the year will disappoint most, so fingers crossed they can deliver magic (no pressure!)

As for tonight - 5/10 show

Alexander from Portland

I never thought I’d say this in 2020, but Teddy Long was the best part about SmackDown tonight. As of now Hell in a Cell has five matches, three of which are Hell in a Cell matches for championships. If WWE is really wanting a boost in the ratings why not save one Cell match for TV? All three could potentially main event the show, so what’s the need for all three to happen on the same night? Roman and company were great tonight, here’s hoping they get to end the show Sunday. 5/10

question: it seems like everyone in WWE is healing from massive beatdowns quickly. do you think it hurts the Hell in a Cell gimmick to have everyone back on TV so quickly?

It is such a radical difference how Raw and SmackDown operate. The opening 8-man tag and the Rollins/Murphy grudge match got plenty of time. The promos for two of the key matches on Hell in a Cell got the message across effectively. The Roman/Jey Uso story continues to be the shining light of WWE programming and it could very well lead to the Rock intervening down the road.

Shorty G is no more…long live Chad Gable (Lars Sullivan needs to be launched into the sun) and the Law and Otis skits were painful (despite some cool cameos). SmackDown is in good creative shape. Good show tonight.

Good show…loved the Chad Gable stuff (post match), hopefully “shorty G” stays dead forever.

I enjoyed the Otis/Miz skits though I have a feeling I’m in the minority.

Didn’t watch the 8 man, Sasha/Bayley seems to be cooling down, I’m not looking forward to the match like I should be.

Rollins/Murphy was very good, rare match that both guys come out looking better then they did going in, and it’s nice to see a clean finish on TV, enjoyed the post match stuff as well. Really liked the Roman/Uso stuff, definitely the best feud going on in wrestling right now.

Crazy how much better SD is than Raw. While it being 2 hours is a huge factor, it’s just a better written show.


Thank God for Chad Gable’s promo. I hope they do like a Kurt Angle type of character.

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