FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 10/25/19

What did you think of Friday Night SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

The opening of this show felt disastrous to me. Awful promo after aw ful pr omo for a match that means Absolutely nothing. I feel worse and worse for Chad Gable as the weeks go by. This entire show was a commercial for a show I’m not going to watch. Hopefully the creative gets better after the Saudi show because this show was really bad. Tapped out before the main event because who cares.
? Question, either of you going to purchaser the new Shorty G shirt? Who would buy that shirt that’s not related to Chad Gable?

I was surfing my phone with Smackdown in the background and then Shorty G got the hot tag. The crowd made the remainder of the main event great. Going to Raw with my son on Monday and hope the crowd will be live for that as well.

Jeff from STL.

Alexander from Portland

Good showing from tonight. I’m not sure what it was but tonight may have been the most I’ve ever liked Roman Reigns. Putting Ali over, holding his own in a cheesy argument, the pyro. If there’s a guy that ought to be midcard champ on Smackdown it’s Reigns. Do have to say, I’m disappointed at Kofi still not talking about losing the WWE Championship. This is my first time seeing “Shorty G” and I feel so much embarrassment for him. If he weren’t such a great wrestler this would be the meanest gimmick ever. Question, how long until we see Jake Hagar hit a low blow in AEW?


That opening was a disaster. Some may find it cute to see Flair be Flair and Hulk be Hulk but everyone up there including the Big Dog look like dorks. Never thought I’d say Hulk was great hitting his bullet points in a promo but compared to Flair he’s practically Paul Heyman. If I never heard Flair on a mic again it’d be too soon. Know people love it but it’s just cringeworthy to me. Hes starting to become a loud Keith Richards for me where I shake my head and say how is this guy alive and doing this still.

Friday Night Happenings:

  • Smart move by TNT throwing up AEW reruns on a Friday night. Would think it does as well for them as a movie, it’s free(?), and could prove whether throwing up AEW stuff like perhaps Dark is worth it to just eat cable tv hours in low rating time slots anyway. Exposire is good for AEW. I’m really impressed at the partnership and Turners promoting AEW as a big property for them.
  • Backstage is very funny. Renee asked if the firefly funhouse came back too soon and Booker jokes it didn’t take much, “it’s just a wall and some pictures” and then Paige said Rollins saying Burn it Down is her “stop trying to make Fetch happen”. I laughed really hard at this and I’m glad other people in the company see how corny his lines have become. Good to see they have some freedoms to poke fun.
  • cool AEW tie in on Bellator. Shame the fight was thrown out. Weird he used We The People still for an entrance - woulda liked a Fozzy track. Wearing the shirt was a nice touch. Bellator seemed game to show the AEW talent and now the low knee strike is going to be over in Hagers first AEW match.
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McGuire from Woodstock

Hello. First time poster here. Some background on myself: I grew up loving Austin and The Rock but had a 20 year gap in my WWE viewing, returning around Wrestlemania this year. I’m what is often referred to as the “lapsed fan.” I was at first surprised at first how negative the fanbase was toward the product because I was blown away by all the cool moves and action. To quote my inner Tony Schiavone, I just love the Topay Suicida (spelling?). However, within a few months listening to you guys and others, I’ve come to understand why there are so many complaints.

As for tonight, why couldn’t the main event have gone first? Why do we need 20 minutes of promos and no action to open a show? The 6 man tag main event was awesome, and would have energized the whole show had they opened with it. Also, is it just me or is Shorty G taller than Ali?

Along the same lines, why waste 3 minutes with the Lacey Evans promo and have her walk away only to slide back in the ring? Just let her lay out the jobber fair and square and she would look far more dominant. But I guess that doesn’t generate as much “heat.”

Nikki Cross looks awful in ring and I cannot figure out what the appeal is with her. Mandy Rose on the other hand demonstrated some impressive strength. It’s hard for me to buy Nikki beating just about anyone.

Is Daniel Bryan’s gimmick walking down the ramp, saying nothing, and walking back up the ramp? This reminded me of the “world-shaking announcement” he was supposed to give a few months back that went nowhere.

The main event was awesome and saved the show for me. 6/10

Thanks for all you guys do and keep up the great work!


Watch this Asuka/Nikki Cross ladder match from nXt. It might change your mind.