FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 10/30/18

Leave your thoughts on tonight’s edition of WWE SmackDown.

Tune in tonight where we’ll discuss the show and announce the winner of our Facebook Halloween Costume Photo contest.

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Paul from the Jersey Triad

With all of the controversy and worry that Crown Jewel brings, do you think wrestlers get extra bonuses or incentives for participating on the show or for the mid card guys is it more of a go or your fired type of deal?

In Brandon we trust

Jersey Triad

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Brandon from Oshawa

I really loved this episode of Smackdown, besides the Nakamura/Truth stuff. I thought it was solid and it made me look forward to Crown Jewel even more than I already was. Yes, I said I’m looking forward to Crown Jewel and I’ll tell you why…I am someone who tries very hard to stay away from 2 things, politics and religion. I see the news and I read the papers and I hear what goes on in this place or that place and it sickens me. The world feels like it keeps taking steps back sometimes. So when I see that a form of entertainment that I enjoy, is getting into bed with a country that is incredibly shady, it doesnt make me happy, but I cant lie and say it is going to turn me off of the show. I am a diehard sports fan as well. A diehard Boston sports fan, so I would feel the same if the Boston Bruins decided they were going to play a series of games somewhere like Saudi Arabia. It would suck and I’d prefer they didnt, but I would still watch. I dont feel that me watching something that I enjoy and love, is in any way supporting the bullshit behind the scenes, so it doesnt make me feel bad.

Johnny Mundo Survivor Update
This was a tough episode for everyone on the show. A massive cyclone hit the island and everyone had to be evacuated. When it ended and everyone was allowed to go back, they showed the damage to everyones shelters and it was terrible. Johns tribes shelter was flooded and completely totaled. John used his time putting up a new shelter to get into a 3 person alliance with his #1 fan Christian and another former member of the Goliath tribe, Dan. Their alliance name is the Brochachos. John told them he wants to be the CEO of their team. Dan had previously found a hidden immunity idol, which he can use at tribal council to keep himself or an ally safe. In this episode, he found a second immunity idol, which is potentially good news for John if he is ever in trouble. Their tribe won immunity, so John sticks around another week.

Mj - member of the Jersey Triad

Absolutely loved Bryan and AJ as far as a WWE match, and a TV match at that, goes. Had some great spots and moments. It’s weird that I can watch guys in Japan nearly (or actually) break their necks but the first awkward land by Bryan has me cringe. Have you considered that yourselves? It’s a shame that we may never get G1 caliber matches from Bryan but this was a high class wrestling match tonight.

Looks like the honeymoon period between Ronda and the WWE Universe is due to end. It was always going to happen this was - Rousey vs a top tier female who the crowd doesn’t want to see buried goes up against the cash cow.
Becky is going to be so over in that matchup and I fully expect the crowd to boo Ronda out of the building. I already have no faith in WWE protecting Becky here.

Question: in 2012 what would John Pollock say if I told him Shinsuke Nakamura would be the US Champiom facing R Truth while Cody Rhodes held a major IWGP title? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

On a separate note - it’s not lost on me that two of the best wrestling shows of the year were non-traditional shows where the crowd was invested in the success of the show. All In and Evolution. And throw in every TakeOver ever.
Maybe WWE should book more shows where the fans get to cheer for everyone they love and boo who is suppose to be boo’d and they’ll have far more success with live events.
Just consider where they’d be with Braun right now if they didn’t force him heel to keep Roman face.

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Alexander from Portland

Becky Lynch is one mean mother
I’m sad we didn’t see an Uso brother
There was a smashed pumpkin
Truth replaced Perfect 10
and Crown Jewel lost one Joe but gained another

Great show tonight. Bryan and AJ was worth watching, now I’m curious to see if Bryan will stay in the title scene or will float down to the midcard. If you told me earlier this year that Daniel Bryan would challenge AJ Styles for the WWE Championship on Smackdown and the match would have a clean win but would not main event the show, I would tell you to suck an egg. Becky’s promo tonight was simple and sweet (she’s my favorite champion in WWE currently). Finally, tonight was my first time watching the Mixed Match Challenge and I’m pleasantly surprised that it seems to get a better reception than 205 Live did when it was taped after Smackdown.

Question: If we’re getting a Champion vs. Champion match at Survivor Series, regardless of who wins at Crown Jewel, do you think the WWE Champion has any chance of beating the Universal Champion?

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David from Israel here
I only watched half the show since it’s super late here but I really enjoyed Daniel Bryan’s and AJ’s Match but couldn’t help but notice how much less over Daniel Bryan has gotten. It’s astonishing to think that the news of him returning was as huge as it was to seeing him now being beaten week after week on television in either meaningless or semi important matches.

Speaking of guys who have been badly hurt by booking, Has anyone seen Almas? Seems like he has disappeared from the face of the earth. This is why I never give stock to WWE letting guys like Finn or Almas have a competitive match with someone like Roman or AJ because they never go anywhere with it. Does John know anything about why he is not appearing at the moment?


Andrew from Cape Breton

The show was pretty good tonight. I actually like how they took Bryan out of the Crown Jewel match with just a basic wrestling match where the champ went over with one of his finishes. Another highlight was the New Day, as I always look forward to their Halloween shenanigans. Becky Lynch also cut an incredible promo, which makes me hope that her and Ronda go on last. I ended up donating to the Committee to Protect Journalists, as well as Human Rights Watch and a fund for Raif Badawi, a blogger who is currently jailed in Saudi Arabia for apostasy. I do believe the What Culture group is doing something similar, and it does seem like a lot of the wrestling community is trying to make some good out of this.


Brandon frm New Jersey via The Jersey Triad

My Dearest Scarboroughites

It is me Brandon I come humbly asking you forgiveness for my long ranted email yesterday. I went into business for myself and felt like Amazing Red aka Airwalk Spriggan in AJPW and had to get my spots in won’t happen again I’m sorry. To smackdown it was a fun show I must say I enjoyed Styles/Bryan and the new day cosplaying as the brood. Fun show

Meanderings of a mad man

-Rey looked sluggish tonight coming off that weekend in Nassau

-thoughts on Samoa vs AJ Cyrus at crown royal

-with Cody saying he is staying or not going back to wwe is it a foregone conclusion that all will stay and this is all way to work the base again
-shout out to Danielle Lappage Justina De Stasio and Erica Weibe for reppin the maple leaf hard in Budapest this past weekend

I’m out of here peace

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This ^^^ from my fellow Jersey Triad

Jalen from Pickering,

Boo you SmackDown! A man shouldn’t have to choose between the Raptors game and Styles vs Bryan. Good show, ready to move past Crown Jewel, but not ready for another year of awkward cross-brand build for Survivor Series. At least its only 3 weeks away. Becky is the man, Ronda better be prepared for boos.

Eric in Miami, wanted to send John a reminder for the double shot, why Edge & CM Punk aren’t Observer Hall of famers to him and how many more years would it take Omega

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Johnny from Philly*

Thought the show was alright. Bryan vs Styles was great but the reason behind the match happening tonight made it a bit harder to enjoy. New Day dressed up as The Brood was fun to see but I’m not sure why in 2018 we’re still getting the Big Show involved in any way. It was interesting to see Charlotte show some doubt in herself by turning down the Captain role for Survivor Series. Overall it was unfortunate to see both Raw and SmackDown focus so much on Crown Royal instead of the incredibly well received Evolution show.

Quick question about the segment with Shane and the 4 SmackDown competitors for the “Best in the World” tournament. He said if the person who represented SmackDown in the finals ended up losing they would no longer have a home on SmackDown. Do you think this is a way to get Jeff Hardy to Raw as a top Babyface replacement for Roman? I can’t think of another reason to even add this type of stipulation to the match.

Also just want to thank John and Wai for not sugar coating any coverage of this upcoming event on Friday. I won’t be watching and feel bad for all the talent, off and on screen, that don’t have much of a choice but to do this show. Hopefully they stay safe and get through the event with no issues.

Guillaume from Quebec City

I really liked how they managed to change the title program for Crown Jewel as I was expecting a cheap backstage attack on Bryan with no match at all against AJ in the near future because of the Champions vs Champions aspect of the Survivor Series PPV.

Speaking of that, would you prefer to watch AJ vs Braun, AJ vs Brock, Joe vs Braun or Joe vs Brock at Survivor Series