FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 10/30/20

What did you think of tonight’s WWE SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

The Roman/Uso opening segment was pretty good, but Roman did what he had to do. Feeling less sympathy for Jey. Bend the knee guy. I for one enjoyed the women’s triple threat. It’s a shame Billie Kay didn’t win as she thrives in a team environment. Anyone notice that Sami Zayn has been consistently very good for a long time? Champion of the people. Bayley Cut a savage promo on Sasha. Hope the former huger when’s the title back. Really dug the ending segment. 7.5.

Survivor Series should grant the surviving member or members of a team title shots & emphasize that the winning team gets double the money. I’m surprised money isn’t used more often in terms of tropes. Thoughts?

Andy from London

I thought that this episode of Smackdown was inoffensive and rather forgettable for the most part, but cleverly dovetailed by Roman Reigns. His presence has me captivated every time he’s on screen; him opening the show and the promise of him being involved again in the night is reason they had me viewing for the full 2 hours - and I thought the ending was great too!

The other significant news coming from this episode was the announcement of the Sasha Bayley rematch next week - I am cautiously optimistic about that match; Io & Candice set a high bar this week, but I think that could be best women’s TV match of the year. Question for you guys; am I a fool for looking forward to this match? do you think we’ll actually get a proper finish next week? If we don’t I think that’s me done with watching WWE main roster live for a while - I can’t take many more bullshit TV match finishes.

5.5/10 show tonight

A great bookend to tonight’s show. I thought sacrificing Daniel Bryan to Jey given Roman’s history with Bryan was very poetic. Something I enjoyed about the beatdown was during Jey’s splashes. Usually he looks to the camera, this time, directly down at his target.

How long until Sami Zayn brings out The Tracy Brothers in a feud with Lars?

Also, when Sami was naming countries, I couldn’t help but think of one in particular…

While the Mysterio saga has been a classic telenovela that has added a great impression to John’s repertoire; would it have been even better if it were entirely done in Spanish with subtitles and a slight audio delay to give it a more authentic feel?

This is the way.

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Justin in NYC says:

Smackdown has turned into a good show. Roman’s work is superb right now. I’m getting into the Mysterio telenovela experience and Sasha and Bayley are great together. It’s a generally entertaining two hours.

Still some really stale matches every week like Owens/Ziggler and the Lars interview was terrible. So the mid and lower card is generally crummy. But the top angles are delivering and that goes a long way.

7/10 leis around the neck of the Tribal Chief.

Smackdown continues to hum along consistently. The Roman Reigns/Jey Uso story took another turn with Jey finally succumbing to his cousin’s rule. Roman is putting on a Hollywood-worthy audition reel with his range. On the other hand, the Mysterio family drama is starting to run out of gas and the Aalyah/Murphy romance doesn’t help. The in-ring action was solid. Lars Sullivan needs to be launched into the sun. Sasha’s bad luck with keeping a title needs to run out next week. Another good episode. Two hours goes down a lot better than three.