FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 10/9/18

Leave us your feedback and comments following Tuesday’s editions of SmackDown and the Mixed Match Challenge.

Tune in later tonight to Rewind-A-SmackDown.


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Brandon from Oshawa

I was only able to catch the opening match and I really enjoyed it a lot. Becky and Charlotte have really been bringing a lot of intensity to this feud.

If they announced something later in the show, ignore this, but I really hope this World Cup tournament is for something more than “best in the world” and not just another throw away gimmick like the greatest royal rumble. These are such simple ways to build a number one contender.

Johnny Mundo Week 2 Survivor Update

It started as a quiet week for John, until he get pulled into the majority alliance on his Goliath tribe. This alliance wanted to target the older annoying lady…but John had other ideas. He went to this lady and proposed a secret alliance and told her everyone wanted her out. She then decided to go to everyone on the tribe and call them out. The Goliath tribe ended up winning immunity, but this may have been a big mistake from John. They didn’t reveal if people knew that he spilled the beans to this woman, but he will be on thin ice if they do.

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Paul from New Jersey

Would you guys be open to The ICONICS having a weekly interview type corner? Their characters and promo work seems to be their strengths so I think it would held get them over as well as guests. I recently upgraded, keep up the great work guys.

P.S. I find it odd that the World Cup consists mostly if not all of Americans.


Jalen from Pickering,

So the “World” Cup is about to have 5 Americans from the past generation in it? I can’t wait to see a bunch of 40 year old men renew old rivalries.

Nice to see 2 of the Horsewomen continue to have the best feud on the main roster. With their contributions to the women’s revolution, it’s going to be a crying shame when someone who’s been wrestling since April and a reality TV star main event over them. It’s hard to see Evolution as anything more than a tool for marketing and as a way to apologize for this Saudi Arabia deal, when 3 women who should be key figures in Asuka, Sasha, and Bayley have been booked so poorly and have nothing going on 2 weeks out from this show.

MJ from NJ

The Miz is so good on the Mic cutting snarky heel promos that he actually upstages the main event stars time and time again. His line about why the WWE Championship is not headlining pay per views because AJ is the champion is almost too close to home. And since it won’t headline Crown Jewel it completely makes one think to themself - it’s true! Do you think it’s a blatant attempt by Vince to call this out or is Miz just awesome at delivering his heel lines? Or both?

Side note: it’s cool AJ and Shelton Benjamin can have a throwaway match on SD. So much talent on this side of the roster.


For the Double Shot (or RASD): the WWE stock has slid back into the mid 80s after peaking two weeks ago when I last brought this up. I’ve read commentary that this could be due to the return of aging superstars and concern about the ability to make new big stars that can carry the company in upcoming years - granted this was not a wrestling fan writing such, but interesting point that the big international shows that generate great additional revenue are being done using stars who may not be usable in years going forward making these less likely to be reoccuring revenue generators. Already Crown Jewel is being moved to a smaller venue - your thoughts?

Wai: When do you think Fat Ass Masa will debut in NXT and do you think they’ll let him keep his name or is it not PG enough?

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John from Montreal

So the World Cup tournament is to determine the best in the world? Isn’t that what the universel and wwe titles are for? Or at least, shouldn’t the champions be automatically in this tournament?

Jake from The Windy City

Are you guys hearing about the Washington Post columnist that went missing and is feared to be killed in Saudi Arabia? The more I hear about Crown Jewel in these shows, the most I’m gonna get upset about it and even Wade Keller and Ryan Satin are sounding off on this controversy.

Enjoyed Smackdown this week, they kept it moving at a great pace. Was hoping you could quickly touch on Rey’s last run, I wasn’t watching at the time but remember hearing something about a law suit to get him out of his contract, so wondering why he has gone back? Thanks.