FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 1000 10/16/18

Please leave your feedback to SmackDown 1000 from Washington, D.C. on Tuesday night - and the Mixed Match Challenge.

We will have REWIND-A-SMACKDOWN later tonight and the DOUBLE SHOT for members of the POST Wrestling Café with reviews of Lucha Underground, the Eddie Guerrero “Untold” feature, Being the Elite & Total Divas.


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Somewhat underwhelming as an anniversary show, but I’m glad I stayed up to watch the 1000th Big Show heel turn. Between Vince’s dancing and Batista’s rambling, this was an entertaining, if utterly bizarre, episode of Smackdown. I feel they could’ve spent an extra minute on Eddie, though.

Brandon from Oshawa

Of course Big Show would turn heel, because why not? It makes so much sense and we were all looking forward to his obvious alliance with The Bar. And how about another face vs face rivalry, where they have to team up and cant co-exist. I complained about this same exact thing for the Styles/Nakamura feud and now they do the same thing for Styles/Bryan. Do they not know how to do anything different in a rivalry between 2 babyfaces? There is just no creativity. Johnny Mundo Survivor Update(Week 3)

Its funny that John’s trouble being a babyface was a topic during the BFG review, because he came off as a total babyface in this episode of Survivor. I’ve never thought of John as a great actor, so he came off as a truely genuine and good guy in this episode. He caught a fish for his tribe. He tried to form bonds with people, something he said he had a hard time doing in real life. It was a very strong episode for John. The David tribe even had a discussion about him. They wondered where SlamTown is and what their people are called(Slamtonians). Unfortunately his Goliath tribe lost the immunity challenge. The older lady that he wanted to protect was a target, but the tribe voted out someone else. For the first time this season, I got the sense that he could go very far in this game. He’s playing a strong and honest game.


Paul from New Jersey

I can’t lie, I actually enjoyed the opening segment. For all the criticisms one can have of Stephanie McMahon, ouherr timing and subtle comedy is really good. Why don’t I get any love” Stephanie said under her breath as the fans cheered for Shane. My initial reaction was to groan with the McMahons starting the show out, but it is SmackDown 1000 and they all got big reactions. Shane got a good pop, Stephanie got heel heat and Vince received a huge face pop. I can’t say it didn’t work. I’m just glad Shane didn’t call his sister hot this time. Glad to see Truth TV working out.

I was never big into Battista, but I loved his promo tonight. He has a really give no fucks attitude probably because he doesn’t need the WWE. It’s always very interesting when that happens.


Mj from Nj

It never ceases to amaze me how video packages make past eras of Smackdown (or any part of history) feel so much greater than they were. That said, it’s cool when Edge and Bautista come back and remind you how deep the alumni list goes when they want to bring people back.

The Evolution segment was…rough…at times it felt like Bautista went off on his own rant and they were trying to reel him in. The dig Orton took at him looked to really catch him off guard. And I can’t help but tin-foil hat the idea that he threw one back a Hunter and went into business for himself.
I for one would love a HHh Bautista singles match as they 4th or 5th match from the top. If just for the entrances.

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Noah from Vaughan.

I kinda knew that this show would have a rushed feel to it, with so many cameos to get through it just seemed unimportant. It had some entertaining moments (Flair, Big Show and Truth TV were the highlights for me).

I don’t usually get so annoyed by the key words they use to market their shows but this whole “world cup tournament at crown jewel to determine the best in the world” really bothers me as a soccer fan in particular. I’ve never heard of a world cup with all the entries from one country! furthermore what world cup only has 8 spots!

And what’s with them not mentioning the great kingdom of saudi arabia these past couple days, I thought they were so proud of their association with that amazing and progressive nation…

Brandon frm NJ

My dearest Alcopollocks

It’s been awhile since we last spoke I’m sure your all realizing that the rose is off the bloom, the novelty is over but alas I digress it wouldn’t be an anniversary show on the WWE without a big show turn and it was grand. This show was lacking but it was an easy watch. Loved the evolution reunion looked like Bautista was having fun with his Children’s Place leather jacket he was wearing, did he borrow it from Drake Maverick. Anywho I popped when he challenged the king of kings but we all know how this is gonna end with Trips going over. The opening segment was awesome and the Becky/Edge stuff was pretty dope. Becks is not only a good beer but she is also one of the best performers in the WWE.

Miscellaneous stuff

-for WWE crown royal will they bring back hogan and will he get a hero’s welcome because he ended the first iraq war?

-what are your thoughts on the impact tv taping signings and are you shocked that roh didn’t sign said wrestler like Willie Mack and Jordan Grace.

-what’s up with roh global wars not announcing the talent coming over from japan?

I’m out of here peace, drink it in mahhhhhnnnn


Chris from Australia.

So am I the only one who thinks that last week the head SmackDown went to the WWE Stanford office, got the run sheet for “RAW 25” and simply changed a few things with white out or copy & pasted.

  • RAW: McMahon’s start show with Stone Cold; SmackDown: McMahon’s start show with R-Truth & Carmella.
  • RAW: Past GM’s return and talk to current GM backstage; SmackDown: Past GM’s return and talk to current GM backstage.
  • RAW: DX / Balor (Bullet) Club reunion; SmackDown: Evolution reunion.
  • RAW: Undertaker cuts a less then 5 minuet promo; SmackDown: Undertaker cuts a less then 5 minuet promo.

This whole show felt very miss-able and hardly built for Evolution in two weeks time. 1 “All-American World Cup’s” out of 10.

Also, WWE’s attitude to not saying “Saudi Arabia” is simular to many older men’s attitude towards health, simply ignoring it won’t fix and it in fact it often makes it worse.


Colby from PA

Hey guys

I don’t write often but figured since I was here live I’d give quick feedback during MMC before I leave. For those who don’t watch 205 Live I’d recommend watching this weeks main event which was a 5 way featuring Tony Nese, TJP, Gran Metalik, Cedric Alexander, and one of the biggest pops of the night from both shows - Lio Rush. He’s from the area and apparently very beloved here.

I felt the show was good live. Batista was obviously the most over of the night but Becky was definitely up there as a close second. Compared to recent Raws I’ve been too it moved much faster and possibly because of all the content there were few breaks. Even commercials were used for entrances and recognitions.

Interesting side note, every time Crown Jewel was mentioned in a commercial or even in Takers promo, it got massive boos from the crowd. Seems like that show is looking more and more like a black eye to the company.

Anyway keep up the great work guys, looking forward to hearing your review on the drive to work tomorrow!

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Jalen from Pickering,

Of all the things to kick off SmackDown 1000, the McMahons dancing on Truth TV would not have been in my top 1000 ideas. WWE didn’t bother to promote a title match, Usos return, or Styles and Bryan teaming up, but at least we knew the Undertaker was gonna be there to do nothing. They could have at least had Triple H attack him.
Don’t be fooled, Evolution was not on to setup Batista vs Triple H. They were there to make sure Batista didn’t look as lame as Edge by doing his entrance without pyro. Batista’s great, Becky’s great, and main roster ain’t.

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Anthony from East LA
hope I’m not too late!
noticed kofi is often not in the new day matches lately, do you think there’s roomf or hime to have another singles run? what would you do to keep the new day together and give kofi another shot to shine?

Brad from Vancouver

A lot of talking segments but most paid off - Becky is really taking the initiative -

Saudi Arabia: I find it incredibly audacious for the company to support a women’s evolution so heavily as a movement, while be willing to completely ignore this stance for a payday. It’s very disappointing to see them be willing to bend their morales and send half of Their roster home for this event.

Batista was on fire. I don’t remember him doing any good promos in the past. He killed it.

Really enjoying this season of Survivor. I’m currently watching episode 4, also the MMA fighter Bi is she with a major MMA company?