FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 11/1/19 (NXT Invasion)

What did you think of SmackDown?

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In the words of Matt Jackson - “I like that…give me more of that”
Great episode of NXT and one of the best Smackdowns in years

Pat was a welcome new voice on commentary and sounded different in what he had to offer. Usually he annoys me tonight he was fresh air.
Not going to try and make sense of how they ignore all NXT storyline with a huge TakeOver coming up but that’s WWE juggling too much for ya…what a difference fresh blood and new matchups make on the main roster. So many dream matchups if they blended all the rosters with NXT and are not afraid to beat established guys like they did tonight to get the NXT names more established and credible.

Ps. They went Over on my O/U question in Toronto about how many UFC crossover talent appear on Fox (Brock, Cain, Baszler, Riddle) and it only took 4 episodes!


Paul from New Jersey

this episode of NXT Smackdown Watchalong was fun. They must have had practically nobody. The draft gimmick has been slaughtered, but I suppose if you’re going to do this NXT Invasion, now is the time for many reasons. NXT went over massive so this is a good start. Even Renee Young was a casualty, who sounded right pissed. Big McAfee fan/apologist. Maybe if NXT wins at survivor series they can get pay raise. Question, , why didn’t Alexa come out to back Nikki? Bayley was flanked by Sasha the whole time. Kind of makes the baby faces look like idiots.

thanks for all of your fantastic work and enjoy your November 1, 2019.

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Lewis from Glasgow.

‪I know it’s only due to the circumstances and this can’t be done every week but this is hands down the best Fox Smackdown yet. Feels fresh and new - what I expected from the first show and from Fox Smackdown in general when it started a few weeks ago.

Every NXT talent on the show felt like a big deal but I can’t help feeling the brand split is going to fade away into nothing yet again until Survivor Series is done. Great show overall, hope the big M continues but I’m not holding my breath.


Ari from Montreal
Yes it was a cool thig seeying nxt…yes it was an amazing main event. But seeying ripley belair knox kai and bayzler all next to each other and being “united” is whats the problem. Having survivor series l the day after war games ruins alot of it. Do we have to believe that nxt is its own universe and these feuds only exit on wednesday?
It might be nit picking but it did ruin alot the built up and angles from wednesday.
Dont have wargames and just have survivor series and have wargames royal rumble weekend or something.
Kinda left a sour taste in my mouth


Sean from Toronto

Given the circumstances, this was a better than average show. I feared that this NXT crossover would be a non-canonical holdover, but I felt better when it was revealed to be a start to the Survivor Series build.

Also, anyone else amazed that Brock Lesner made it back? That guy must have a private jet.

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Tyler from Orlando,

This show had my interest because I wanted to see how WWE would pull this off. Once I found out NXT would be in the house I had a feeling the show would be good, & it was! Cole & Bryan is something I’ve wanted to see in WWE for years & it delivered to my expectations. This show got me pumped for Survivor Series, 7/10.

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Noah from Vaughan

Regretting not driving down to buffalo for this show, seemed like a great show to attend live. I thought they handled those travel issues so well and this show flew by. 8.5/10 show for me.How much do you guys see this show impacting the nxt number for Wednesday, cause this show was the most promoted nxt has ever been on a main roster show.

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Mark from London, UK

Apart from the Women’s Evolution wank fest perhaps the best show of the week.

Fresh as hell & shows how to get people over!

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I didn’t know anything about the flight problems and started freaking out and happy clapping throughout the entire show. I’m just so happy. I don’t want this feeling to end.

I loved the change and chemistry in the commentary.

Ripley really has some star potential. She stood out for me.

Adam Cole is over and wonderful. Protect this precious beautiful man.


That was the best main roster episode of WWE TV all year and also an incredible self-own. It was a self-own because they just showed how they are still capable of putting together a great show but it took the Saudi fiasco to make it happen.

Felt like Triple H’s fingers were all over this show. The results in favour of NXT felt like Triple H was channeling his inner Riki Choshu, managing to get his wrestlers go over in all the matches.

As to whether they can lean into the momentum that this show generated, I will not hold my breath given how things in this company have generally turned out recently.

I had tuned out of Smackdown after the draft as I thought their roster was awful. When I heard NXT might show up I tuned back in. It really made me wonder if Fox execs saw this and were like “wait we paid a ton of money how did ISA get these guys on the cheap.” You need the know talent like Bryan to get thes over but the matches felt special. This show felt a lot like Dynamite to me in some ways.

I thought the NXT “army” at the end was an interesting collection of talent it seemed like “ok we need some extra bodies who answered the phone.”

Jeff from STL

How do we find a way for 3/4 of the main roster to miss raw and smackdown each week from here on out? Also don’t the talent get main roster contracts if they show up on raw or smackdown? Thanks I’ll hang up and listen.

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Gordon in Motherwell

Tonight’s smackdown was best happy accident since my son was born…:rofl:

These circumstances have put a rocket to the survivor series programme it will be interesting to see if wwe can keep it on course over the next 3 weeks.

Do you think any NxT talent will travel for smackdown and raw in Manchester?

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Guy from Charlotte, NC:

Fantastic show. Every segment was at least entertaining and many were utterly fantastic.
It was fun to see the NXT talent interact with the SmackDown roster, even if it was mostly guys from the mid-card.
Survivor Series looks promising.

7 out of 10.

Paul Delos in Las Vegas

Wow. Who knew that having talent get stuck in Saudi Arabia would benefit Smackdown this week. It was a great showing and gets me excited for what could be an interesting build to Survivor Series.

Question: What will it take to continue this momentum, considering the shock effect of nXt will wear off during this Survivor Series build?

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  • Feel free to not share my feedback as I’m sure you guys will be busy with a ton posted tonight; I need this on record when I ask myself why I still watch wrestling in the near future


We don’t deserve Daniel Bryan

Shawn with the troll job of the year


Andrew from Cape Breton

Who could have thought that trying to travel from Saudi Arabia back to the States within a day for a TV show could have had such problems. It reminds me of where I work. Basically, someone being a total bonehead here leads to problems, which ends up leading to more work to fix the mistake, and that was the case tonight. WWE arguably had one of the best Smackdown episodes in awhile and for the first time in what seems like forever has actually built up and established new stars. What a concept. The only negative I have on the show is Daniel Bryan losing again and how it feels like wins against him aren’t going to matter as much down the line. Hopefully everyone gets back safe from Saudi Arabia. 8 out of 10 show.

Peter from Long Island.

Tuned into tonight out of curiosity and once I saw Shayna do a run-in, I was invested in the rest of the show. I don’t expect this every week, but this was quite refreshing and a good way to make the best of an unfortunate situation.

Only complaint was Pat McAfee. Way too annoying on commentary and even looked awkward in the ring with the rest of the NXT roster afterwards. Overall, good show and now I’m genuinely interested in Survivor Series.

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Omar from Tampa

First time writing in. This was in my opinion the best Smackdown episode since the move to FOX. Everything involving NXT was great. The main event was awesome, one of the best TV matches of this year. What I particularly enjoyed was during the entire ending promo, Ciampa was just staring at Adam Cole. Anyways, you guys have a great night.

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