FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown (11/13/20)

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Andy from London

Smackdown has been on a bit of a role as of late and I think this was another decent episode. Romans opening promo was a shockingly honest appraisal of WWE main roster at the moment.

I think Wai has been saying this for a long time, but if you just pretend that all the logic gaps don’t exist, this is a much easier and more entertaining watch.

Perversely my favourite moment however was Chelsea Greens debut, before she gets in the ring Graves buries her by saying he doesn’t know anything about her, then she just disappears from the match - what on earth are they doing? New record for destroying an NXT talent - 30 secs before their debut!

Overall though a very easy watch - 6.5/10 show

Roman Reigns’ complete disregard of Raw had a lot of truth. Granted, the brand split is ignored with Drew McIntyre appearing tonight to challenge him. Chelsea Green finally resurfacing adds a bit of depth to the women’s division. She hardly got a chance to show her stuff. The Rollins/Mysterio saga thankfully came to an end with the match of the night and it cemented Murphy’s face turn.

Jey Uso stepping out of line added a wrinkle to his new heel run and the ending does leave me with a feeling that there could be a title change on Monday and possibly signalling towards a WM-worthy match between Reigns and McIntyre…is it too soon?

Another decent show.

Paul from New Jersey

The WWE’s complete and utter disreguard for their own draft stip irks me to no end. That being said, Roman is doing the best work of his career. RAW sucks. Popped for that one. Big fan of neutral figurehead Adam Pearce. Of course the GM trip is fun, but I’m glad it’s getting a long break. Totally down for a Gable, Otiis tandem, but poor Tucker. Talk about an anti push. How about that Chelsea green debut? Might as well be in retribution. 5.5.

Phil from West Virginia

Whats up guys? Great work as always. Just had to let you know Shaq a.k.a. DJ DIESEL has been live on Twitch all during Rewind-a-Smackdown. Cutting you guys off at the knees after Wai put over his DJ prowess. What gives? Have a great weekend.

Just to be clear here guys, my perverse entertainment with Chelsea Green was what I thought was terrible booking, obviously not her injury - hope she has a speedy recovery