FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 11/20/18

We didn’t get a thread up in time for RASD, but if you have any thoughts on SmackDown, Chronicle: Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles 365, or Joey Janela’s LA Confidential, post them below and we’ll read it all on this week’s DOUBLE SHOT.

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Brandon from Adelaide

Going to blow off some steam here. In typical WWE fashion they see Becky become the hottest act in the company so they immediately book Charlotte to look just badass because they can’t have their precious Charlotte look weaker than anybody else. Having Charlotte beat down The IIconis cements her as that ‘tweener badass’, it is copy and paste kind of stuff. I fear that Nia’s punch was a convenience that gave WWE the opportunity to set the original plans in stone, Ronda Vs Charlotte for Mania with Becky being relegated to a midcard match with Nia. Do you guys see this as a possible scenario? This company really cannot do anything right.

So Charlotte’s babyface heelturn worked, I guess, and now she’s being punished by management on top of that. I feel like this can only be taken as completely trying to steal Becky’s thunder, which would be the real heelturn. Becky could attack her again before the end of january, though. And then Charlotte can brutalize Ronda once more at the Rumble. Infinite babyface heelturns, and now Becky has a 141 and two thirds chance of winning at Wrestlemania.

Jalen from Pickering,

SD: It seems like they’re doing a bit of a shades of gray approach with Charlotte, Ronda, and Becky. I like it, it’s more realistic and adds layers. The New Daniel Bryan is great, he’s clearly put some thought into this and has already done a great job of turning into an unhinged super villain.

Chronicle: Did a great job of mixing kayfabe and reality. Makes his feud on RAW come off as cartoonish in comparison.

365: It’s awesome to see how grateful AJ is to be where he is, and the Heyman promo was super touching.

Mark from Vaughan

I’ve always enjoyed Charlotte more as a heel and her yell-y promo delivery fits a little better now. It’s amazing how hot the top of the women’s division is, where there are compelling reasons to want to see Becky vs Nia, Becky vs Ronda, Charlotte vs Ronda and even a Charlotte/Becky rematch down the road.

Question: What would you like to see the Royal Rumble program be for the WWE Title? I think a series between Bryan & Mysterio would be awesome.

Double Shot: BTE is starting to feel like when there are 5 weeks between WWE PPVs and a couple episodes of Raw get phoned in. They’re really stretching the “H” gags but I love Cody’s possessed Howard Finkel gimmick.

Question: With the reports of AJ looking for a more favourable schedule on his next deal, if WWE decided to begin elevating a new babyface to be the 300-day-a-year workhorse on SD, who would you give the chance to?

Steve from BC

Aside from Daniel Bryan’s promo ( which I thought was great), I thought this was a pretty skippable episode of Smackdown.

Trying to make Charlotte into Becky 2.0 is not going to work in the long run, as the new edge to her character is already starting to become too forced and if they try to shoehorn her into Becky’s spot as others have suggested the fans will reject it.

Where was the “fallout” from the clean sweep at Survivor Series? Where was AJ Styles revenge after losing in embarrassing fashion last week? Where was Becky? Joe? Hardy? Nakamura? There was next to no storyline development this week. If their intent over the last couple of days was to try and turn people off of the Smackdown brand, the burial at the PPV and this weak attempt at a follow up episode may have done just that.


If this weekend has shown us anything it’s that by WWE TV logic Brawn Strowman will be back to 100% today & Rey Mystireo will be back to 100% tomorrow.

Thanks Ronda.

I was very surprised that you guys thought the WWE had a good story planned to explain the full RAW sweep after all we’ve seen over the years. Indeed, Smackdown came and the crushing defeat was barely mentioned and didn’t lead to anything! The roster was all smiles, Paige and Shane didn’t seem bothered by it at all, basically Survivor Series was pointless! It’s also disappointing to see potentially awesome heels like Ambrose and Bryan resort to basic “YOU PEOPLE” promos instead of more original stuff we know they’re capable of. I do love Bryan’s change in mannerism and demeanor, and regardless of the bad material written for him I look forward to this new character. Miz has been very entertaining lately and I thought he was setting up a trap to attack Shane but instead was made to look like an idiot, which as we know is the sign he’s finally a babyface! I hope the toilet humor and dumb food fight matches will disappear when Vince does. These performers deserve better.

Zekey from Toronto

I hated the food fight match. Its so insensitive to less fortunate fans who don’t always have food in their fridge. Vince has been too rich for too long, that it probably never crossed his mind.

Brandon frm New Jersey

My dearest Ray Ferarro’s

I’m still alive

I’m out of here peace

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Bryan did a good promo but I don’t think he should ever be a heel.