FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 11/27/20

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

Love that Roman was pissed at Jey for getting involved last Sunday. I was hoping for that angle. This Undertaker Final final final farewell is going to seem really awkward when he wrestles in Saudi Arabia in two years. Sami was pretty spot on about Thanksgiving & Billie Kay deserves some love dammit. I do like her gimmick currently. Overall, I enjoyed the show. 6.5 MJF reviews out of 10.

Think it’s time for Corbin to drop this king gimmick?

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The bloom is off the rose as far as King Corbin is concerned.

Smackdown had too many cheap finishes tonight but it set the table for some new feuds going forward. Bryan/Zayn was terrific up until the count out adding to Sami’s weaselly persona. Bianca Belair continued her momentum beating Natalya and setting up a feud vs Bayley. Sasha Banks getting her payback on Carmella was aces and Kevin Owens/Jey Uso nailed two things pushing KO towards Roman Reigns and it conveys Jey’s fractured psyche. KO sitting at the head of the announcer’s table was a nice touch.