FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 11/6/18

We are posting this thread up earlier for anyone that attended the show live in Manchester.

Please leave feedback & any questions for tonight’s Rewind-A-SmackDown from SmackDown, 205 Live & the Mixed Match Challenge tapings.


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Hi guys, me again, reporting in from the Manchester Arena. It’s nice to be able to leave feedback - as someone from Ireland, by the time I’ve seen Raw or Smackdown, your show is normally long done and dusted.

I’m currently writing this as a distraction during the Buddy Murphy / Mark Andrews match as otherwise I might lose the will to live before the show ends. Murphy has such dynamism and charisma that as he entered, about 10% of the remaining crowd cut their losses, and upped and left. It’s really disappointing that they chose to trot out this main event when they could have at least got a pop for hometown boy Jack Gallagher. I’m one of the few that misses when 205 Live was actually fun to watch and had characters like ‘Powerpoint’ Drew Gulak, and I hate the fact that since Triple H took over, it’s become a cure for narcolepsy.

The crowd, meanwhile, has focussed all of their effort and energy over the last 30 minutes trying to get Nigel to wave at them, and he’s just acquiesced, getting the biggest pop of 205 Live.

Mixed Match Challenge was fun, and actually made me want to check out the show on a more regular basis. As an added bonus, MY MAN Lashley was there, much to my girlfriend’s ongoing chagrin.

As for Smackdown, the crowd loved Joe, Becky, and Bryan. Shane was booed out of the building, as was any mention (in video packages of course) of Crown Jewel. The matches tonight seemed far better than Raw, and the backstage segments with the Miz and Bryan had everyone in stitches. Having Nikki Cross on the show was also a welcome surprise. Overall a better experience than last night, even if I did have to sit through Lucha House Party.

Unfortunately for WWE’s bottom dollar, it seems most people chose to check out Raw, as the building is only just half full tonight.

Right, now it’s time for the dark match of Miz and Orton vs Bryan and AJ. Look forward to your show as always. I tried to get a POST wrestling sign on TV, fingers crossed I was successful!

Chris from Australia.

I’m really enjoying this current incarnation of Becky Lynch and the fans loving everything she does, also happy to see Nikki Cross still apart of Sanity. Would you say that Becky’s character is received more by the fans as a “anti-hero” rather then a “traditional heel” like the WWE wants to present?

Also I really enjoyed your Crown Jewel coverage and just wanted to say this may be the last time that I leave WWE Feedback as my subscription expires this weekend and can’t justify renewing it.

Brandon frm NJ

My dearest constituents

Gentleman it’s been awhile since we spoke happy election night. If your still in line to vote please stay there. They will let you vote. Anywhoo once again Smackdown continues to be the A show and Becky continues to shine. This run of hers has been tremendous and I don’t understand why the WWE just sees her as a placeholder. She is so charismatic and can do so much. She has really made the title feel important if it was me I would give her the ball and let her run with it for a year and change but alas like the Democrats we can’t get what we want.

Meanderings of a madman

-very happy that Sanity was unfrozen from the carbonite prison they were in even for a brief time

-why is miz morphing into Alex Reilly before our very eyes

-Rey still seems sluggish since his sojourn from the Bahamas

-Wai why

-can’t wait to share my pick for the $50 tier with you guys when I’m selected it will be fun fellas I promise

Im out of here peace

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Andrew from Cape Breton

Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch might be the best built match all year, despite only having a week’s build. I hope they keep it to just them cutting promos on each other and don’t touch till Survivor Series. Both are these shit talking bad asses who are gonna clash, and it reminds me of a good build for a UFC fight, which sadly is something pro wrestling has forgotten about. The matches were good but my biggest pet peeve is, why is it a big deal to fight to be the captain of a team? And lastly, I really hope AJ Styles wins at Survivor Series. It would make him and the title look so bad to lose two years in a row during the same title reign. Perception is reality sometimes, and the perception is AJ is lesser than, and him losing would only hammer the point home further. 7 out of 10.

Brandon from Oshawa

Great show as usual from Smackdown. Its amazing to me how easy it is to watch this show, while Raw just feels like a chore. I do however think it is a mistake that they are throwing Becky/Ronda onto Survivor Series. I think this is the money feud right now in the womens division. Both come off as totally bad ass. Charlotte just isnt fitting in for me right now, to take on Ronda at Mania. I think this is the most intrigue, I may ever have had for a womens match. I’ve come out of other womens matches really enjoying them, but I cant remember one coming even close to having me excited before hand. Becky & Ronda have both looked strong, cut great promos and I’d love to see it main event the show if they are going to give this to us.

Johnny Mundo Survivor Update
John wasnt featured too much in this episode. His highlight moment came when he had a discussion with Christian about dancing, where John described dancing as just a bunch of random movements and then went on to do one of the worst moonwalks, you will ever see. Johns tribe went onto win immunity again and at the half way point of the season, the merge will be coming next week. Some of the girls have already started to plot against Johns Brochacho alliance member, Dan. I think John has put himself into a strong position in the game. He isnt playing sneaky, he isnt making big moves either, but he seems to be building relationships with people, which is a big motivating factor in how past juries have voted for the winner. His biggest issue now, will be not coming off looking too strong in individual immunity challenges, because it will make him an instant target whenever he does lose.


I groaned at the feuding partners gimmick, with Miz and Bryan, but it wasn’t too too bad. I could take a little shakeup on the match ups, but the wrestling is good. I swear, watching this SmackDown in real time, felt faster than fast forwarding through yesterday’s RAW.

Is Cross just along for the UK tour? Also, seeing as there already is a Nikki Bella, should they rename her Gregory Cross to avoid confusion?

Mj from Nj

Haven’t seen SD yet but want to throw some things out there for the Double Shot.

Also hearing you discuss your Attitude Era when answering my November Ask-a-Wai was exactly what I hoped it would be - sounded like you guys enjoyed recapping that period.

For the Double Shot:

  • call me crazy but BTE this week was exceptional. Fun travel bits. Behind the scenes of behind the scenes. I was impressed by Hangman’s directorial skills. Even the Mario and Luigi bit had a payoff and the costume match looked hilarious! Mario riding Yoshi for a clothes line is a great spot.

  • I’m seeing Omega v Rey Fenix on Friday and also Pentagon will be there. I’ll send feedback.

  • with Cody working so may ROH dates even after his contract is done, would it surprise you to see those guys work as complete freelancers. What company, including WWE says no? Do business, move on, come back and do more business. It’s the Y2J model and he seems to really be linked to those guys now. Could you see WWE using them without being signed long term?

  • Wrestle Kingdom feels like it’s missing something. Perhaps because the big matches have been known for a while, or that Jericho isn’t the same special attraction it just feels like it needs one more huge match. This is where I wish Rey stayed, or the Young Bucks were in a more prominent spot. Also, when do you think we’ll get Tag League teams?

Just a note on the smackdown Survivor series tag team. The Usos must now pick 3 teams but it’s ridiculous because there are only 3 left : Sanity, Colons, Gallows and Anderson.