FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 11/8/19

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

What in the world was that opening segment? With many mentions of dog balls and testicles, we don’t have to question who came up with this one. Corbin did manage to get a “We want Roman” chant so it did accomplish something I guess. I haven’t been interested in Tyson Fury at all, but I thought he sounded very good on the mic & the B team was hilarious. As your resident Dana Brooke Superfan, I thought she worked really hard to get reactions from the crowd. Bayley also sounded pretty comfortable on commentary this time around & Sami Zayn is just terrific. Solid show of a 6. Any word on the status of Alexa Bliss at this time?

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Hi guys,

Chris from Cork, Ireland.

I was at the tapings tonight so it’s my annual chance to chip in on feedback. I don’t see a thread up and it’s nearly 3am here so just putting my thoughts here before I sleep, feel free to move them.

The show opening with King Corbin set a low tone but thankfully things improved. It was nice to see the building full after it being half empty when I attended last year. There was quite a lot of advertising for the show around Manchester and it seems this paid off for WWE.

I enjoyed the show overall but it ended on a flat note with a match we’ve seen 1000 times. I also need to point out that Chad Gable walked by me on his way to the ring and I saw his eyes, and I’m mildly haunted by the look in them. This is a broken man having to do this nonsense every week.

After the show, Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman came out and shook hands before destroying the B-team. I’m no fan of Fury but I have to say I respect him showing up here for essentially a house show spot. Looks like this will be aired on the show even though it happened after the main event ended.

Also just seen that apparently the Fiend attacked Daniel Bryan. We didn’t see any of that in the arena. Looks like they rushed through these shows and cut stuff out for the live crowd. The filming of both shows took around 3 hours and 40 minutes.

I won’t comment on Raw now other than to say if you have 3 hours free on Monday night, please don’t waste it on Raw. Call a loved one. Do some exercise. Tidy the house. It’s an opportunity to use 3 hours for good, don’t squander it.



Shorty G is a snitch! And he looks like he’s dressed for a charity basketball tournament. He couldn’t get that jersey off fast enough once he was in the ring. Cesaro got a win! Sort of. A genuine surprise, even though this probably means nothing for him.

What happened to the Heavy Machinery match? It got canceled after the run-in. I guess they were unable to carry on.

Tyson Fury sounded pretty good on the mic! Can’t say I’m looking forward to seeing him in the ring again but the pairing with Strowman makes sense.

It seems they may finally be developing some contenders in the women’s tag division. Not a bad showing here from Dana Brooke and Sonya Deville specifically.

The ending was sloppy in the Roman/Corbin match but overall I was entertained tonight. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. 7/10

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Noah from Vaughan

After that opening segment I changed the channel to the raptors game. Question for tomorrow, do you see any surprise debuts from new wrestlers in aew, and if so, who?

Brandon from Oshawa

Back to the usual garbage. Corbin was great tonight, otherwise I enjoyed nothing about this show. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought it was the quietest UK crowd in a long time.

I flipped it onto Main Event after Smackdown and Mickie James is on commentary and is actually pretty good. Do you know if putting talent on commentary is a regular thing on this show? It seems like it would be a good way to hear how good people are, on a show no one watches.

Matt from the 604

It’s nice to see Dana Brooke get a bit of a push and get on the survivor series card… even if she did get beat down last Friday along side Carmella.

Have you read the latest update on the Lana/Rusev/Bobby angle? Apparently she is pregnant??

Eric in Miami

That opening segment, it felt like someone showed creative the Jericho video and thought “You think that’s funny, we’ll show you funny”

Last December the McMahons said on TV Baron Corbin was the reason ratings were down tonight he was the opening segment and won in the main event.

Anthony from Melbourne

Due to the new timeslot I can watch SD on a Saturday afternoon and leave feedback, something I was yet to do because I had given up on the main roster product after the worst Raw I can remember 2 weeks ago but last Friday’s smackdown gave me hope. Wai I was one of the few who had no idea about the flight delays or teases of NXT talent, so the entire show was a genuine surprise I enjoyed.

I decided to give this week a chance and what do I get? more Lana bullshit on Raw and small testical jokes on SD. Nothing was learnt and nothing has changed after last week. The only positive is it sounded like hunter pitched a lot of the creative for last week, maybe once Vince is busy with the XFL next year we will get more hunter influence on creative. At the moment I assume we are getting Haymen’s take on raunchy storylines and Vince’s take on using new technology to make small testical barking noises, both of which don’t work in 2019.

And what’s with Brawn and Fury? Brawn attacks Fury after Fury wins via count-out, Fury calls him out, only to propose they be a tag team and they are now friends…WHAT THE FUCK?

Maybe I’m being more harsh with AEW now but It’s hard not to compare every week, when it’s a show with good fresh matches that arn’t over booked, promos feel real and envoke emotion and allow you to connect with the wrestler.

2 Pizza Hut Cheez-It’s out of 10

After watching that opening segment, I couldn’t stop thinking; How was Corbin a part of that original 20-people charter, last week?

MJ in Philly for the weekend

I was at a rehearsal dinner at a fairly nice restaurant and the bar TV was on Fox and aired Smackdown with no Audio or Closed Captioning. It didn’t “look” that bad!

I did see the Revival get screwed out of what I was expecting to be a dream three way with Gallows/Machine Gun and Red Dragon.