FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 12/18/18

Leave your feedback here for tonight’s Rewind-A-SmackDown with a returning John Pollock and Wai Ting.

What did you think of tonight’s SmackDown?

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Mark from Vaughan

Love that Mustafa Ali got a spotlight tonight but I hope the knees he landed on Bryan on the finish didn’t do much damage. Timing couldn’t be worse for a botch. Bryan seemed like he couldn’t keep his right shoulder on the mat after impact and the cameras didn’t show him again after that.

Scrump from Pro Wresting Tees

I only tuned into the show when I found out that fellow Chicago boy Mustafa Ali was now a permanent member and was main eventing.

I’m happy to see The Good Brothers and Sanity being thrown into the tag mix as I’ve been getting bored with the tag scene only involving The New Day, The Bar, and The Uso’s.

With Ali getting the pin in the main event, do you guys see this leading to any sort of real push or will he be lost in the shuffle come the Royal Rumble?

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WWE’s renewed fetishisation of the McMahon family is seriously off putting. Do they honestly expect anyone to get over as a star when they place management on such a high pedestal? Honestly feels like I’m watching an old rerun of the Apprentice, where a bunch of geeks try to impress a lunatic billionaire in the hopes of a promotion.

Beyond that, it was a solid show. Mustafa Ali’s elevation to Smackdown is great, the guy is super talented and has a lot of potential. Tangentially, it also makes 205 Live more interesting now knowing these guys can move on to bigger and better things.


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Jalen from Pickering,

Welcome back John. So in 2 nights, there have been 3 title matches for people that didn’t do anything to deserve it. Open challenges and surprise defenses lose their intrigue and devalue actually being the #1 contender when they are so frequent.
Bryan’s great and he’s giving me Straight Edge Society CM Punk vibes, someone like Austin Aries berating people by his side would be great. But unless I missed it, what happened to him getting an eco-friendly championship?

Smackdown was much better than Raw tonight again. Most storylines and angles on the show make sense. And it helps with the show being only 2 hours. I loved having Ali and Almas in the main event and hope to see them continue to be pushed. One question though: Is it me or does Vince seem to lose his train of thought on promos now? I dont blame him as hes pushing 75, but I feel like he doesn’t make complete sense lately on the mic. Thoughts? I give this show 7 fickle fans out of 10.

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Paul from New Jersey

Great hearing Nate Milton last night. I really enjoyed the stuff he did for the US election in 2016. Two questions for you guys. Do you think Lacey Evans is ready for the main roster and do you think Mandy Rose has the potential to be a main event talent?

Extra question, is The Miz trying to date Shane McMahon? I thought he was married.

I have not watched a full episode of main roster since backlash 2018. I’ve been keeping up through the post wrestling cafe and youtube so I thank you guys very much. The new Daniel Bryan and the women’s title picture have me interested in the show again.

The opening segment was good. I like how they rescripted Asuka and Naomi’s match with asuka was pretty good, much better than I expected. It’s the first time I’ve ever cared about naomi.

Almost everyone’s promos on this show were really good. Miz is a comedic genius and deserves best on the mic for the year. I usually hate how vanilla Jeff Hardy’s promos usually are but he pulled this one off great. His delivery felt really genuine. I’ve given up on Shinsuke though. I’ve lost complete faith in him and whoever picked out his recent attire needs a low blow.

Yesterday I was pissed when I saw the new callups because Andrade doesn’t even get TV time. So when I saw this main event I was pretty excited and it delivered. Everyone looked great and Mustafa getting the pin was huge.

Raw still seems like an unwatchable dumpster fire but smackdown is really intriguing right now.

Also fuck corey graves.

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Does SmackDown need a fresh start when it was already doing so well? Also, all this talk of a triple threat at Mania. Is the best thing not Becky wins the Rumble, and goes after Ronda while Charlotte wins the Chamber and faces Asuka where she can get her WrestleMania win back? Those would be the 2 hottest matches in New Jersey with Ronda & Becky main eventing.