FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 12/25/20

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I know it’s Christmas and we (you) all have better stuff to do, but at least ONE of you watched SmackDown and wrote a couple paragraphs, right? Right? Guys? Girls? Anyone?

What did you think of the show?

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Paul from New Jersey

Very impressed with Kevin Owens as of late. Win or lose, Owens is back in the Main event scene which is all you can really hope for. Between reindeer antlers on Monday and bitchy witches on Friday, the women have had to attempt to get over some really awkward scripting. Very smart to have a title change on the show which will definitely drive people who read spoilers to at least check out tonight‘s show. I just hope this is a short-lived reign for Big E as I want to see him win the Royal Rumble ascending to main event status. For a recorded show, I found this to be pretty enjoyable. 6.5.

Shout out to NEAL For the POST Wrestling Christmas opener. That was the stuff of legends. Merry Christmas and happy holidays from your POST Jersey jobber.


Tonight bitch count-6

Tonight’s Austin Powers references-0

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Wow! Crazy! I did watch the show, and there was some good wrestling tonight— a great cage match and an excellent women’s tag. I can’t get enough of this new Bayley character, but it’s a real shame Bianca has to eat that pin at the end.

Even the lumberjack match was well executed. Usually these things feel contrived and clusterfucked, but the stipulation suited Sami’s character and of course he and Big E delivered.

Maybe it’s the tryptophan slowing down my brain functionality, but this was pretty good. 7/10

Interesting how a few gave this show a “1”. I’ve always known that a small handful of people automatically throw 1’s at all WWE shows and 10’s at AEW shows, but I guess this just proves it.

Regardless, I agree with the post above 7/10 for me.

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Solid 7/10 for me as well. The women’s tag was spectacular.

I’m sure Dynamite had a couple of better shows, but for me, when it comes to the Best Of awards and that category you guys have about the best episode of tv this year, this one did it for me. What is the best part of WWE, this year? Their PPVs. No matter how the tv is going, their PPVs always deliver with good matches, at least until The Fiend pops up. The Christmas episode of SmackDown had back-to-back matches with people the audience cares about and some clever finishes with minimal backstage segments. It felt like one of their PPVs. Even the tag match that had teams thrown together consisted of perhaps 5 of the best performers the company has, and Carmella. Who I thought did a great job in the match. Show of the year! Reigns-Owens continues, Big E gets his big win. I had a great time! Happy Boxing Day!

Thanks for putting the thread up, @McGuire72!

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I’m curious how you’ve “always known” this. Have you hacked peoples computers or watched through their windows?

I thought the show was pretty damn good, so I think that whoever gave such low ratings, is probably an idiot. I suspect the same can be said about the AEW ratings, because I often wake up and the rating is high 8 or low 9 and suddenly the score has dropped drastically sometimes when I listen to RAD.

It’s like people going to youtube just to hit the dislike buttons.

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Geez, no need to come at me so hard man. I have zero issues with you as a poster, if I offended you here or in the past my apologies. Regardless, I’ll answer your question.

When I watch Raw/SD/Dynamite live(ish) (by ish I mean I usually start about an hour in and fast forward through commercials/entrances/pointless matches) I tend to vote right away.

With Raw/SD, I’d say about 5 times I’ve been like the 2nd or 3rd vote and the average vote score at that point is 1. When I do the same with Dynamite, the same thing generally happens but on the other end of the spectrum with a 10. What this tells me is that someone is instantly voting 1’s for all WWE shows, and 10’s for all AEW shows regardless of quality. I dont mean you or the majority of posters, I’m talking just a few people which this poll pretty much confirms as two people did give this show a 1 when it clearly wasn’t a 1.

With that said, I have a feeling you may have taken my post as an anti AEW / pro WWE point. Thats not what I intended, I am by NO means saying that Raw or SD are better than Dynamite. I have zero issues with people liking one over the other, but messing with a poll on a message board is lame (again, not you, but whomever is doing this).

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I just thought it was odd wording.

Both sides have their foolish fans. Dynamite, NXT & SD have all been pretty good to great on the regular.


John and Wai may call it “messing up the poll options” but I call it “providing a deeper look into the numbers behind the poll.” :joy:

No worries, looking back I see how it probably read.