FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 12/26/17

Leave your feedback here for POST Wrestling’s SmackDown Review. The show will be released Wednesday afternoon.

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Steve in the UK
Really enjoyed Smackdown, the tag match was great and AJ and Owens finally clicked enough for a decent main event. As far as the US title goes, why would anybody want this belt that the champion had tossed away? Nevertheless, a far easier watch than raw as usual.

Brian in Ireland

The tag match was a lot of fun when it came to the near falls but it’s a completely flawed match.
What is the point in waiting in the corner for a tag when it’s no dq? Why not use weapons and why did Kofi not get involved more?

Will Carmella cash in? That could be a way to get Charlotte into the rumble.

Tom in Winnipeg

Rusev’s reaction was so good tonight that I bet Hunter will come back out of nowhere to beat him clean next week. The past few Rumbles have been pretty underwhelming and I think the crowd would really take to a first time winner this year. It might be a rare chance to elevate a guy in one night and produce a real superstar. After tonight I think they would go pretty nuts for Rusev. I seriously think its an opportunity to make him a legit main eventer and they could parlay that momentum into turning him full on baby face and going as far as to have him go over Brock at Mania. Unfortunately recent history tells me that the best I can hope for is that he’ll get to eat a couple of pedigrees at a house show in Bulgaria. Can’t wait. Love the new site guys and it’s going to be really fun watching it grow. All the best.

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Brandon from Oshawa

Happy Rusev Day guys.

Rusevs support grows more and more every week. The WWE says they listen to their fans, but they clearly do not. Why would they not strike on him, while the iron is hot? I dont expect him to just suddenly be wrestling for the WWE Title, but at least give him something more than losing in tag team matches every week.

I would like to see Jinder win the United States championship and enter into a feud with Rusev. I think we could get some funny moments between Rusev/English/Singhs. Unfortunately what I see happening, is Dolph Ziggler returning after probably Bobby Roode wins the tournament and saying he never actually gave up the title.

John from Montana,

I think the Chicago crowd made the show much more enjoyable as a whole, I loved how much they were into Rusev, and the hot crowd added to an already really good tag team match to open the show. I still think Chad Gable is the breakout star from American Alpha, sorry “Not Old” Jason Jordon.

It seems obvious that Dolph will come back to confront the winner of the US Title tournament, ala CM Punk .

AJ vs Kevin Owens was a good main event, and overall this was a much better show than Raw was.

I give Smackdown 7 Rusev Matchkas out of 10

Johnny from Philadelphia

Smackdown was enjoyable tonight. Styles and Owens clicked better than they did during their entire fued earlier this year. Also Rusev is really starting to feel like the modem day Kurt Angle; a total goof who’s great at comedy but a beast when he gets in the ring. He’s more over than when he drove a tank to the ring at WrestleMania.

Question for John and Wei. On Rewind a Raw John mentioned that Asuka and Nia felt like the far away favorites to win the women’s Rumble. How do you feel about a returning Becky Lynch winning? She’s the most natural likeable babyface on the entire roster and is one of the most underrated wrestlers in all of WWE. Despite being the first Smackdown women’s champion she always seems to get passed over for big moments which sucks since she’s one of the 4 horsewomen. Plus Becky vs Charlotte would be awesome considering their real life friendship and history and Charlotte makes for a better heel anyway. Do you think there’s even a slight chance of this happening?

Jalen from Pickering.

Orange My God, Bobby Roode is trying to out-tan the Young Bucks!

Smackdown was fun with a good amount of story progression and a hot crowd. I hope they keep doing their multi-team matches with 1 member each in the match, I know it’s probably harder to work, but I never understood in kayfabe why a multi-team match would only have members from 2 teams in at a time. Also why are there tags? Should it not be NoDQ?

Smackdown was everything that Raw wasn’t, fun times, 7 Royal Riott’s out of 10

Eric from Chicago

I attended Smackdown last night at the Allstate Arena. Rusev was the most over wrestler with the Chicago crowd. The Rusev Day chants started before Smackdown even was on air. It was smart to book him in the first match of the show. Did the Ruby Riott/Naomi finish come off as flat on TV as it did in person? The live crowd barely reacted to it. There were a few attempts at a CM Punk chant throughout the night, most notably in the Jinder match. Some grew fairly loud, but didn’t last longer than a few seconds and they had an audible negative reaction to them. I was expecting a fair amount of the crowd to leave for 205 Live, but they announced a 6 man tag dark match with Daniel Bryan in a guest ref role for after 205 Live that seemed to entice 80% of the crowd to bear through it.

I give this show 7 Jinder Mahal back pimples out of 10.

P.S. Did you notice the Pure Country, Pure Heart poster in the background of the Shane/Bryan backstage segment? That threw me back to the time Bartender Dave and Braden Herrington reviewed it.

Paul from France

Hello guys!

I hope Ziggler comes back with a major change: his f’n name! In my opinion they need to repackage him totally.

Nice episode of SD! with a cool Tag Team match and a funny Sami Zayn. 7/10

Overall, 2 episodes above average this week and it was not expected for this time of the year.

PS: i hate Dolf Ziggler’s name

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Chicago made this show! The heat in the tag match was insane and Daniel Bryan is so great in his role. A bit slow in the middle. I watched raw and smackdown back to back and the blatant repetition in the women’s segments is grating. Great job with the site and forum John and Wai!

Brad from Halifax (one of them)

I am really enjoying the story line between, Daniel Brian and Shane McMahon, you can see how both guys can be right and both guys give me wrong without defining either as a heel or face and we can just let it play out over time. I also love the idea of a US title tournament eventually leading to New champion who could be anybody and I hope that it is not Jindar.

Well all of this is amazing probably the most amazing thing is the tag division, there are currently seven define teams on the roster and there are two or three storylines going on at once how is it that the two hour show can have this much going on and so many compelling story lines but the three hour show can’t seem to have more than two or three storylines at a time. Why is it a division Raw so bad and what can be done about it?

Thanks for the delicious one sugar one milk would love the upgrade at some point and try me that ice cap

Chris from Florida

I’ve only gotten a chance to watch the main event. But it was a particularly good one from both Owens and AJ. I didn’t much like any of their previous matches this year (they were ok) but they seem to have found another gear in this one. Great near falls, some really fantastic new offense from AJ. The booking for the finish made perfect sense with the storyline.

Rusev Day made SmackDown great again!!! This man is as epic as they get. His Instagram is funny as hell, his promos are entertaining, he taunts his opponents in Bulgarian (trust me I’m from there) and his connection to Aiden English is wrestling comedy goal. No matter what happens Rusev is #mychampion!
With that said SD was better than RAW, even without Rusev. AJ and Kevin had a good enough match, considering previous encounters and the tag match, although idiotically setup as no DQ, has good moments - 7/10