FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 2/12/19

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Jalen from Pickering,

Although I saw the ending coming a mile away, the gauntlet match was very enjoyable. I just wish they had Kofi go until the end to really emphasize Orton being a strategic scumbag.
I’d be very interested in a New Day vs Bryatt Family feud due to the obvious contrasts and the amount of good promos and matches they could have.

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Andrew from Cape Breton

After watching Smackdown tonight, I have to ask you guys something. Am I too pessimistic? Tonight, I saw what would be a star making performance if it was anyone else. If it was Mustafa Ali, I would say that WWE has their next big superstar. But because its Kofi Kingston, I already know what’s going to go on from here. They gave Kofi a bone, and now they will use this opportunity to beat him into powder to get someone else over and he’ll be back doing nothing in a week or two. I was actually disappointed Kofi got in this match. He’s always in these matches, be they long stints in the Royal Rumble, or in Money in the Bank or whatever, it’s always him. It’s not that I don’t respect Kofi or think he’s a great talent, but he’s like Dolph Ziggler. I know what’s going to happen in the end. With Big E or Xavier Woods, they might try something different. So John and Wai, am I being pessimistic? Was Kofi’s iron man stint really worth it, or will this just be the next bone Kofi is thrown until he’s beaten into oblivion in the next few weeks? 6 out of 10 show tonight for me.


Brandon from Oshawa

Gotta agree with Andrew from Cape Breton here. As much as I enjoyed the gauntlet match and enjoyed Kofi’s performance, it is all really for nothing. Maybe he will get to the final 2 of the Chamber match, if he’s lucky and after that it will be back to lame jokes and slinging pancakes. This clearly was going to be Mustafa Ali’s run and it would have worked to build him. I think if EC3 had beaten Ambrose on Raw, you could have thrown him in here and given him a Raw, since they keep teasing he isnt on one brand yet. Maybe not go the 60 minutes with him, since he cant go like Kingston can, but it would have been something for him at least.

Matt in the 604

So… where is Asuka?

Brandon Frm Nj

My dearest Bad Bloodians

Great show tonight I’m talking about Bad Blood. Happy for the resurgence of Anthony LaPaglia. Anywhoo smackdown, which was also a fun show. I feel really gutted for Mustafa Ali cause clearly the Kofi run in the gauntlet was clearly Mustafa’s. I mean the ending was predictable cause they were short on time but it was impressive nonetheless from AEW HWT champ Randy Orton.


-what are your thoughts on the relationship between Trudeau and Wilson-Raybould? Do you think it’s time to end the silence

-Will the lack of star power in NJPW hurt them or will they recover in time for the two dome shows? How are they gonna fill two nights

-Velasquez/Ngannu thoughts John since you and me are the only ones who love MMA


I’m out of here peace

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(Not feedback)

You know, it would be almost poetic if Ngannou finishes Cain in the first considering this is the first ESPN card, and Cain/JDS 1 that headlined the very first Fox Card ended in that fashion. That being said, I’d put my money on Velasquez. When he’s at his best, I’m not sure any heavyweight has looked better. Still plenty of time for him to pull out with an injury though lol.

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Anthony from Melbourne

First, something that’s bugged me since the rumble…Becky wins the Rumble with a tweaked knee but would it have been so hard since Aska made her tap, that she used a knee submission to contribute to the injury?! or did they not want any heat left between Becky and Aska?

Becky’s injury has virtually been dropped at this point after being such a significant storyline piece. I think John could be right that too many people took it the wrong way, so they got rid of it (and made her apologize instead?).

What frustrated me so much though, was having Charlotte come out at the start of Smackdown and tease she might face Ruby and that makes the match at Elimination Chamber mean something again?

All they had to do if they really wanted to do things this way, was do everything they did this week, next week. Have Becky serve out her suspension this past week, then make an announcement she must see a doctor or forfeit her match as they need time for promotion (Rollins had to decide the the next day for the marketing department to have time to get their shit together).

You build up next weeks Raw with a tease of the outcome and then maybe you could even have Vince claim Mania is too important and he already made an alternative arrangement. Have Charlotte be the one who approached Vince with the idea, putting a lot of the heat back on Charlotte as well.

I just, I don’t know about the storytelling form this company most the time.

So basically they have put Kofi in the position where Mustafa was supposed to be, the iron man of the gauntlet ? I was not a fan of that booking.