FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 2/14/20

What did you think of SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

it has to be pointed out that the show started out with a graphic of Miz & Morrison challenging Roman & a partner of his choosing. The crowd was dead. This was followed by a graphic of the date between Mandee & Otis & Vancouver went nuts. So the show started off great. We were then treated to an early contender for worst promo of the year between Bliss Cross Mella sauce. Bayley was the only thing keeping this ship from slamming directly into the iceberg this time. There hasn’t been anyone in the history of professional wrestling who sounds more disingenuous & fake than Hulk Hogan, however NWO fiend was great. Onto the Main event and the reason that I even bothered to watch the show. The date between, wait all of that build for this? What can’t this company screw up creatively? MVPs of the night go to Sami/ Cesaro & most importantly the Vancouver crowd. I don’t know what they were smoking, actually I do. this show is terrible. 1. No need to tune in to this show on a week to week basis anymore.

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Lara from Rogers Arena

Show live was frequently solid. Carmella/Bayley was a lot better than I expected, the main event was fun and had a clean finish, and Sami Zayn and Cesaro got heel heat over a cow bell. Classic. They should do more TV here, Vancouver is a hot crowd.

That said I came to the show because of the Mandy/Ottis build and it is absolutely ridiculous to build something like this for 2 weeks , and throughout the show, only to deliver a 30 second nothing segment. Totally lame

And ultimately that’s what I’m going to remember. That they promised something and failed to deliver again.

To make matters worse 205 Live was an absolute dud of a show. Just an absolutely nothing show.


Was a good show.

The Bayley vs Mela match was money and I am looking forward to a rematch.

The Otis payoff was great with a Ziggler program where Mandy pulls a Trish and stays with him at Mania.

The Main event was predictable with DB coming out. Miz is just a bad wrestler.

Loved the Sheamus squash. Would love to see Apollo and Shorty G in some
More humiliation stuff. Both guys are well suited for it and crowd hates them both.

Hulk was bad Bray was good.

Overall much better than usual.