FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 2/19/19

Leave your feedback and questions here for Rewind-A-SmackDown as well as The Double Shot (Mark Henry Documentary, OTT Homecoming 2, BTE, Total Bellas).

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Andrew from Cape Breton

So tonight was a much better showing for the NXT lot. One match in particular I liked was Ricochet vs Eric Young. It was different people. They don’t have to be on the show every week, but every once in awhile, I like to see different people on the show. Maybe Sanity isn’t on next week, but two weeks from now, they can be on and they can do something. In WWE, they seem to have their core 15-20 men and women, and if you’re not in that core, you’re off TV for months on end. So you end up having the same matches beaten into the ground. I think that’s one thing I like about NXT. They have a few guys who may be on every week, but they seem to organize things well that a good number of their stars get TV time after awhile. I also hope Ciampa’s knee is ok after he powerbombed Sheamus on his good knee. 6 Mandy upsets out of 10.

Do you think this is the start of talent moving from NXT to Main Roster and Vice versa? Hunter did mention a few weeks back he’d like to see talent move across all the brands and I could see this being introduced during the upcoming shakeup after Mania.
I would also love to have a Money in the Bank type match at Mania featuring all the NXT stars where the winner gets a title shot at whatever he wants on any brand.
Tonight the NXT 4 has a much better night and I largely think it was due to the commentary by a team that called them in NXT. That really stuck out to me.

Question: Ember is out but it seems like that would have been a great 2nd Women’s match. Rekindling the feud from NXT where Ember never beat Asuka. Any chance Ember can potentially make it back?

Jalen from Pickering,

It didn’t feel like the show really started until the New Day’s promo. Waste of time out of 10

Brandon from Oshawa

Calling up these guys from NXT right now, is incredibly stupid. There are already so many guys on the main roster going into Wrestlemania, that a bunch of solid workers are going to be relegated to the battle royal. These guys already dont feel special at all, after only 2 shows. Its like they are robots, plucked off the line to serve their purpose and thats it. I cant even tell you what their purpose is. If they arent called up for good now, then this is even dumber.

Eric from Savage

I think the NXT stars were shown in a better light on Smackdown. Black VS Almas was good, as was Ricochet VS Young (although the pairing seems very random).

Overall, Smackdown was a much more watchable show than RAW. And it’s not just the 3 hour VS 2 hour length for each show. It’s the overall presentation and the fresher match-ups we’re seeing each and every week.

I’m actually looking forward to the progression of the Miz and Shane McMahon story, even though I can’t stand Shane as an in ring performer.

I also think that Bryan and Kofi will have a very good match at Fast Lane if given enough time.