FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 2/20/18

Please leave us your feedback to SmackDown Live, 205 Live, and Mixed Match Challenge from Phoenix on Tuesday night.

You can send us questions regarding any other news items and you can listen to Rewind-A-SmackDown later tonight.


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Vish from Victoria

Unlike my RAW comments I’ll keep it short(er)…lol

No Shinsuke tonight…any reason? I Liked the opening segment. Corbins mic skills continue to impress me. I hate when guys pay 0 attention to an opponent when music hits, but in this case I think played out well cause of Sami’s faux run-in.

Another 6-women match but it was short and watchable. Working with 4 of the best women on either roster IMO, Sarah Logan seems to be getting slightly better and was in most of the match unlike Liv who seems to limited to being in the ring 30 sec or less… I’m guessing cause she is still so green

Jinder as US Champ would be a good fit for his gimmick… any update on Taker / Cena at WM?

Bludgeon brothers have awesome theme music… reminds me a bit of the Brood’s theme!

Liked the AJ/Corbin match… AJ is the best wrestler in any org IMO. Can have an amazing match with anyone. Very rare indeed!

Overall I liked the show better than last week… still 5/10 though

Even though you thought my Fastlane prediction last week was “wild fantasy booking” I really hope Dolph wins…I continue to hold out hope there is some payoff to Dolph giving up the US title… and Nikki turning on Brie!:stuck_out_tongue:

Question…do you think this is the year Chyna get’s into the HOF? No deceased entrants yet and she has been getting many more mentions on WWE programming this year… Same question re X-Pac…I doubt they will both go in the same year!:stuck_out_tongue:

Jay from Colorado here.

Another week, another completely missable edition of Smackdown. So much so that I’m not even going to comment on it. Except for that previous statement.

The real main event tonight was 205 live! I’m loving the two match format and keeping the cruiserweights off of Raw. Its absolutely working. The Ali/Gallagher match was amazing, and both brought their A game. I’m also really happy for Buddy Murphy, he looked great tonight.

I’m also loving Drew Gulacks new monster gimmick. They need to take it to the next level and make him more like Braun but on a smaller scale. Imagine the pop if he flipped over a golf cart, raised his arms and screamed “Dreeeeewwww!”

Smackdown 4/10
205 Live 8/10

Chase from New Orleans

Smackdown has quickly become the worst brand in WWE, and it’s not even close. Every segment feels either lifeless or rote, from the never-ending Owens and Zayn story with Shane, to the terrible top ten storyline between Roode and Jinder, to the non-stop multi-women matches with no stakes. And then to top it all off, we are going back to New Day vs. Usos only four months after they hyped them having their last match ever together at Hell in a Cell. I would say that Smackdown as it is now is easily the worst and most missable WWE television in at least a few years. I voted it a three out of ten in the poll, but I am changing it. Two out of ten. It’s in a miserable state.

On a way more positive note, 205 Live was really good yet again this week. Buddy Murphy looked great in his debut, and having his story be that he cuts down hard to 205 then hydrates back up after the weigh-in to get a weight advantage over everyone else is awesome. It’s a natural takeaway from MMA and it works. I would not be opposed to seeing him take the whole tournament. And maybe even they can eventually do a storyline where he struggles to make weight or even misses weight for a title match. The main event between Ali and Gallagher was really good, although it struggled to get going at first. The story was really well told and Ali’s bumps and selling were top notch. He’s really one of the most underrated guys in the whole company. The match between he and Murphy is my most anticipated of the second round. I also need to mention I am very impressed by Vic Joseph on commentary. He’s much better now than he was even just a few months ago. Eight out of ten for 205 Live this week.

Now that we know the brackets, what are you guys most looking forward to in the second round? And now that both your finals picks from last week are invalidated (Cedric, Roddy, and Kalisto are all on the same side of the bracket), what are you picking for the finals now?

Smackdown very weak showing. The women’s match was decent with the right call for Riottttttt to get the pinfall because she needed it, but why did Becky have to take the pin? She deserves a push already. Everything just feels recycled and I’m tired of seeing Bludgeon brothers squashes, the US title shit feud, shane & daniel bryan banter, pancakes. Its been the same shit for many weeks now. Also these graphics make me feel like an idiot watching this show, like I need to be slapped in the face and screamed at about what is happening.

205 live was amazing. Executive Triple H is the champ. I think its going to be Cedric Alexander vs Drew Gulak.