FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 2/28/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

Those cheating Fenway buttholes can boo all they want, Goldberg was the right call. I found the show to be quite enjoyable for the most part. Sami Zayn is worth his weight in gold. Gulak/Bryan is a solid feud & Axel really had his working boots on. Bayley is cutting good heel promos & I like the explanation of the women’s match being changed from a singles to a tag based on the call of referee Jessica Carr. Good attention to detail. Michael Cole had many flubs on the show, but based on the ungodly amount of travel, he gets a complete pass from me tonight. I just hope Vince McMahon wasn’t watching TNA lockdown on the plane back, because these chamber matches seem to be multiplying. Lastly, John Cena was magnificent. The guy is cornier than a field in Nebraska, but magnificent nonetheless.Putting over the current roster was a nice touch & as soon as he left the ring, you could feel the Fiend’s approach. This is the right call. 8 staples out of 10

Brandon from Oshawa

I fell in and out of sleep all show, but I did catch the Reigns/Goldberg face off which was perfect and the very end of the Usos/Miz & Morrison, which was great. Those 2 things would have been a perfect show, but then John Cena came out.

The crowd was electric and was the only good part of this segment. Didn’t Cena do pretty much the exact same thing, during the build up against the Undertaker? It was such terrible acting by Cena and then The Fiend comes out and looks like a total fucking nerd, by pointing at the sign. This guy is done. He looked like a bitch after the Goldberg match, by just disappearing and now he’s resorting to sign pointing? He should have beat the shit out of Cena.

Daniel From Toronto

First time watching Smackdown live in a long while. I mostly enjoyed the show however I am left with too many questions because the story lines do not seem to be well thought out.

Goldberg Vs Roman at Mania - Great. I like it. But why? Just because?
Why does Roman just get to challenge Goldberg? Because he beat Corbin? Because he was the first person to walk out? Why doesn’t Bray Wyatt care?

Cena Vs Bray - I also like it - but Cena just suddenly renegs on everything he just said because Bray pointed at the sign.? Why?

I am excited for AEW Revolution because every match has a lot of thought put into it. Revolution has an overall better build than most Manias in recent history.

Why is anybody still mad about anything this company does?

The company pushed Roman, when nobody wanted him. They pushed HHH when he wasn’t the guy. They pushed Randy Orton, a disgraced failed Marine, and ignored Daniel Bryan so many times it’s not worth mentioning. Even CM Punk came back to offer a bump in ratings that reruns of Pawn Stars don’t worry about.

Then they did business with Saudi Arabia, not once, not twice, but…I mean come on. Look at the ratings. After Khashoggi was murdered, and they pushed Corbin, the ratings dropped by almost a million. Viewers haven’t come back, and they aren’t. WWE is on par with Adult Swim, they can’t even match ratings with a CBS show that is canceled for…ratings.

At this point, the people who still watch WWE are either true fans, or idiots who watch it to comment. Why are you wasting your time? It’s one thing if you’re a fan of Post Wrestling, but if you’re just watching something you hate, and aren’t making money, then you are the problem. If you were were outraged that the Fiend didn’t win against Rollins, and then was destroyed by Goldberg, but are still going to tune in, why? Why do you care so much about this stupid company that clearly doesn’t care about stories. Stop watching. A million, two million, six million, other people did. At this point, unless you’re paid to do so, watching WWE is a waste of time. Why are you wasting your time?

Bad feedback hasn’t changed anything. Your opinion doesn’t matter. Just stop watching.

I give money to Post Wrestling because they are entertaining. When was the last time WWE was?


I would say NXT Takeover Portland and the Royal Rumble.

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Why do you care so much yourself? You know everything about the company & took time to write a long diatribe. Perhaps the reason we leave feedback is because we don’t hate everything. Granted, there are things I don’t like, but if you take the time to read or listen to the feedback you could clearly comprehend that there are positives. If you watched the show last night, the crowd was loud the entire night. If you go through life only looking for the negative, that is what you will find.It just seems like a child like argument to me. I personally think you should spend time doing the things you like and avoiding the things that upset you.