FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 2/5/19

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What did you think of SmackDown?

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Tim from Alabama

First off I have a question for John and Wai, if you guys could have any wrestler in LEGO minifigure form who would it be?

Ok now on to SmackDown Live. Man what a difference a night makes, SmackDown was head and shoulders better than Raw last night. We got a great back and forth promo from Hunter and Becky. The Club/Good Brothers vs Nakamerica Day (Nakamura/Rusev) was surprisingly good. The Orton/Ali and Bryan/Hardy matches were both good and both pushed towards Elimination Chamber. Question, if Bryan does retain inside the Chamber would you rather his Wrestlemania opponent be Mysterio or do you think a Bryan vs Ali match the WWE Championship could be a possible show stealing match?
7 what’s best for the planet promos out of 10

Eric from Sudbury,
I really enjoyed the match between Mustafa Ali and Randy Orton tonight, and it got me thinking about Randy Ortons current role in the company. He seems to have been transitioning to an upper mid-card role for the past couple of years, and the last time he was in the main event picture was that abysmal feud with Jinder Mahal. Despite this, he’s probably the only full time performer any of my non-wrestling fans know by name, and with star-power being a serious problem in the WWE right now (specifically on RAW), do you think putting him back in a more prominent position, perhaps on Monday nights, would be a benefit to the product? I think his popularity is sometimes undervalued amongst my age group and younger.

Andrew from Cape Breton

Tonight was interesting. I don’t know how I feel about the Becky Lynch stuff. When Triple H came out, I looked at my twitter timeline, and I saw a pattern. The word “Dad”. I know you guys made the same statements about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon about being Seth Rollins parents and I think that’s what I had a problem with. It’s almost accepted that these are the important people, and these are their children. And poor Charlotte, you have this person who could potentially be in the main event of Wrestlemania being told to stay out of it, as if her and Becky were two sisters arguing. It seems like they’re trying to get Becky over as this rebel, but it’s still in the context of them being parents, and Becky just happens to be a rebellious teenager instead of a star. Overall though, a decent show. The matches were good but it just feels that not many people are all that over on Smackdown. I also wish that instead of Fire and Desire, Sonya and Mandy would have used the old team name of Vicious and Delicious.

Brandon from Oshawa

I love Becky right now, but she really needs to start laying in her shots a bit better. I get that Hunter & Steph are her bosses, so maybe she was a bit more hesitant, but her punches on Steph and then the slap tonight on Hunter looked incredibly weak. Those are the type of things that will take me out of this story if she continues like that.

I feel like the womens tag division is a waste of time. They cant even get the men tag division right. Why should I believe they can do right with the women? There are 5 credible teams in the Elimination Chamber. I dont see Naomi & Carmella staying together long term. Sasha & Bayley probably wont either. IO & Kairi will probably come up soon, but there is no one else to build this division around.

Brandon Frm NJ

My dearest City TV’s

What a weird channel that is why do you gents watch it? Anywho this has nothing to do with smackdown or the artic frost in Peterborough double anywho great show again from the road dogg after he recovered from his beating last night. I have been missed. What’s going on?


-here is hoping Mustafa is ok been enjoying his work unfortunate he got his eye shut like that

-thoughts on ESPN- and its 2 million subs since the ufc arrived? Should be a threat at the mundials

-wai John didn’t know you had a call in line for the cafe I may have to use my rotary phone and speak into existence to you chaps

-why do you guys watch City TV

I’m out of here peace

Paul from New Jersey

How great would it be if Daniel Bryan was a babyface in the Pacific Northwest and a heel everywhere else in an homage to Bret Hart circa 1997?

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I can’t vote because I don’t watch, I get it all from you guys. Thank you very much. I saw a video on my twitter feed around 8:30 and so disappointed to see Triple H and Becky head to head but clicked it. It’s Mania season so he has to interject himself into the top angle in the company and on top of that, be an antagonist against Becky and somehow defending Rhonda, the same woman who punked him out 4 years ago and beat him last year.

The McMahon’s showed up on Raw a month ago promising changes for the better, for the fans, but all I see is the same crap that pushed me away. Why would I expect anything else from the Same company that has turned Braun heel and face 4 times in 15 months and made Ambrose a good guy again, months after turning on his Shield mates on a terrible night to do it. Becky vs Rhonda doesn’t need any McMahon involved in it, I reason to say it got hot because they weren’t being bogged down by them and their 20 minute drawn out segments.