FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 2/6/18

Wai and I will have a new edition of Rewind-A-SmackDown late Tuesday night, leave us your feedback and questions for:

  • WWE SmackDown Live
  • 205 Live
  • Mixed Match Challenge


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Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

Okay didn’t Bryan say last week this top 10 list would help determine future championship opportunities, so why are the champions included?

Tye Dillinger at number 10, really? The guy who’s mainly been off TV since the US title feud with AJ last year is more disserving then a guy like Rusev who’s been on most weeks since October?

My head hurts, screw WWE logic.

Noah From Vaughan

The Smackdown top 10 list might be one of the worst ideas they have had ever. It makes no sense for them to present this meaningless list that has no effect on title shots and future opportunities.

However, Like you guys have discussed recently, they are trying out a lot of new concepts to see what works (selfie promos, etc). A for effort F for execution.

Question of the Night: What are your thoughts on them bringing back ziggler next week for a match against Baron Corbin. Seems just very odd considering he was the number 30 entrant in the rumble? odd handling of Dolph for last couple years huh?

Anthony from Philly

An overall fine show tonight, especially in the ring. I think the three main matches advertised throughout the week—the women’s match, US Title match, and Main Event—ranged from “fine” to “great.” I haven’t been fond of Roode at all in the WWE, especially as a face, but I thought this may have been his best match on the main roster and the crowd was surprisingly split for it, despite Rusev’s popularity.

I’m not against doing a Top 10 list in the future, but as others have stated, it didn’t really make sense what the “criteria” was, and more importantly, I find the timing of it to be bad. We are in Mania season and this feels like a distraction that you can’t do anything substantial with for that show. I would have preferred debuting this after Mania.

Adam From San Diego

Smackdown tonight was one of those shows i probably won’t remember in a month but i thought for what it was it was a decent show. I think Owens and Zayn could have a great match blindfolded… Did anyone else find it strange that Shane brought up the fact Bryan wants to be back in the ring?? Maybe at this point its wishful thinking but i mean the only real direction for this storyline at this point is some kind of physical interaction for Bryan isn’t it?

On the 205 Live front i have really enjoyed watching this show the last few weeks, especially tonight with the 2 excellent tournament matches and even the surprise Roderick Strong victory. But is it time for the WWE to realize they dont have any clue what to do with Itami and maybe let him go back and finish his career in Japan? I mean with him losing and the tournament being the focal point of 205 live for the next 2 months he won’t even sniff a TV match.

Thanks guys, love the shows and can’t wait to hear Jon recap the TJP promo from tonight!!

Jay from Colorado here. What on Earth is the point of the Top 10 list? It didnt seem believable at all, and doesn’t seem to be anything ground breaking, nor does it bring anything new to the table.

The Uso’s had a pretty good promo again and it seems they are foreshadowing a Wrestlemania match against the Bludgeon Brothers. I’m glad the Uso’s took the time to address “thirsty cats” because animal dehydration is something that needs more awareness.

I have no interest in the main title feud. I understand they need a placeholder until Nakamura, but there’s gotta be something better than Sami and Kevin again.

Question, which extremity would you rather chew off instead of watching Ziggler vs Corbin next week? My answer, I’m going for all of them.

All in all another missable edition of Smackdown. I give it 5 swiveling heads out of 10.