FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 2/7/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown? Join me for a solo Rewind-A-SmackDown later tonight on the Café feed.

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Paul from New Jersey

Dana Brooke’s name has always been synonymous with main event, tonight it was made official. We all make mistakes, but I still find it a little tough to enjoy the Usos currently. Nice Cable Guy reference from the Fiend who much like Jason Voorhees & this Reigns/Corbin feud, simply cannot die. Thought Naomi was the best choice to challenge Bayley, but overall I liked the show. 6.5.

Brandon from Oshawa

One of he most infuriating things as a fan for me, is when performers are made to look stupid or dumb. By having Goldberg just appear and get a title shot, after being away for months, you make the whole roster look like idiots. Why isn’t any guy, that has won a couple matches in a row, making a challenge for the title? This match accomplishes nothing for Goldberg or The Fiend.

If they’re going to continue this Reigns and Corbin feud, why not just have a Kennel from Hell? At least it’s something we haven’t seen in forever and we will all get a good laugh from it.



Imagine paying good money to see a wrestling show, driving to an arena, getting seated, and you’re greeted by The Miz and John Morrison doing a corny skit for 10 minutes. This doesn’t feel like a good way to get a crowd fired up to start a show.

Cesaro hasn’t successfully performed a Neutralizer in at least a year. If he can’t beat Elias, who CAN he beat? Cesaro is awesome and deserves better.

Good segments carried by Baron Corbin and Goldberg. Great production on the Otis training montage, and I actually laughed out loud when Shorty G came running down the ramp though I don’t think that’s what they were going for.

More hits than misses I think. 6/10

This was an incredibly average two hours of wrestling, with some fun high parts, and a few very middle of the road segments.

I find Miz and Morrison entertaining. They’re chemistry and friendship is palpable, but using them as a set up for an unrelated tag match felt rushed and a little lazy.

It might be a little early to talk about this, but Otis has to be one of the most popular characters on WWE’s television right now and I have a hard time seeing him in a spot at Wrestlemania this year. I guess the assumption is he’s in some sort of story with Mandy, but I can’t imagine what that is.

I thought the main event with the 4 women was a well produced match with a few small missteps, but still a fun to watch match, although for the life of me I don’t know why they are’t capitalizing on support Naomi has right now. My hope with all the finishers at the end, and with Carmella sneaking a win they’re setting up for a multi person match for the belt and Naomi wins it at Mania

Thanks for the hard work Wai

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Naomi would have been the best choice for the in ring but Carmella is the best choice for the feud.