FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 3/12/19

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What did you think of tonight’s SmackDown?

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Chris from Pennsylvania,

I thought WWE hit a home run with every one of their big angles tonight. Shane opened the show with a pretty good heel promo, but by the end of the night it was probably the 4th best thing on the show. I thought Becky and Charlotte had a really good exchange that hopefully signals the Women’s Title program will be getting back on track. Randy and AJ were both amazing with their promos, with Randy having a completely valid reason for not liking Styles. I thought for sure that was going to be the highlight of the night until the closing segment. Loved the fire from the New Day, and Kofi’s performance was phenomenal. Easy 10/10 for me. Please, more shows like this heading into WrestleMania.

Jalen from Pickering,

It’s dawned on me that basically all the best promo people are on SD and I’m very okay with that. I hope the Usos get a decent amount of time for their Mania match. These guys have been killing it, and them vs The Bar, New Day, and Hardys in a TLC match would be great.
Banger of a show overall. I’m glad that at least 1 brand can competently build feuds when there’s time.

Rob from Mississauga,

Is it just me or does this year’s Wrestlemania have the chance to become the most oversaturated Wrestlemania of all-time? If you add up all of the announced matches, likely title matches and battle royales, then we’re looking at a whopping 17 MATCHES for Wrestlemania this year! Will Wrestlemania be 8 hours long this year? If you guys were making the decisions, then what would you guys do to try to condense this card?

  1. Becky vs Ronda vs Charlotte (Raw Women’s title)
  2. Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins (Universal title)
  3. Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston (WWE World title)
  4. Triple H vs Batista
  5. Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre
  6. AJ Styles vs Randy Orton
  7. Miz vs Shane McMahon
  8. Kurt Angle vs ???
  9. Asuka vs ??? (Smackdown Women’s title)
  10. Samoa Joe vs ??? (U.S. title)
  11. Bobby Lashley vs ??? (Intercontinental title)
  12. Usos vs ??? (Smackdown Tag titles)
  13. Revival vs ??? (Raw Tag titles)
  14. Bailey and Sasha vs ??? (Women’s Tag titles)
  15. Buddy Murphy vs ??? (Cruiserweight title)
  16. Andre Giant Battle Royale
  17. Women’s Battle Royale

Tonight so episode got me very excited for Mania. Mostly because of AJ and Randy cutting fire promos on each other. A few weeks ago I thought they’d feel like an afterthought but I’m genuinely very excited for that match and next few weeks of trash talk.
Kofi’s facials the last two nights have been soectacular. The joy he showed coming out last night. And his look tonight while staying silent. Really an underrated aspect of this push.

Becky was good in a short dose tonight.
Rey was wearing a seriously questionable outfit. Shades of Doug Funny with his underpants on over his suit.

Just a great episode of smackdown with one single purpose: setting up wrestlemania

  • new day promo, wow… Slightly off topic, the way those three (lead by kofi’s twitter statement) handled themselves after Hogan’s reinstatement was just pure class, made me a fan of them for life. I smile because it feels like the stars finally aligned and this is some sort of poetic justice. Mania will be a 129 hour show, we definitely have time to watch a Cinderella story for part of it.

  • I’d love a 5 way ladder match for the smackdown tag titles between the Usos, bar, rus-uke, Hardys and new day. Open mania with that… I don’t recall the Usos and new day ever being in a ladder match throughout their now 4 year feud?

  • randy-AJ promo was fine, both brought it.

  • Becky entertains, just let her talk like this, I laugh and then remember how much I miss her instagram stories

  • I legit have nothing negative to say about this episode, it excited me for mania to the extent that I’m thinking of booking last minute tickets to NYC for it.

Maybe a good idea to just not watch the product between now and mania so I can ignore anything that may happen to ruin this high point?


Brandon from Oshawa

I really dont know what Kevin Owens does at Wrestlemania. I think its clear now, that the WWE Title match will be 1 on 1. I dont see where else Owens fits. Is Sami Zayn ready yet? Maybe those 2 team up and go after the tag team titles. They’d fit in great with the Usos, The Bar, Black & Ricochet and whoever else.

Styles & Orton stole the show for me tonight. I already wanted to see that match and was glad they held off from doing it at Fastlane, but tonight really kicked it up a notch. I know it will never happen, but I would love to see vignettes over the next few weeks, of Randy Orton showing up at some random indy companies and beating the shit out of random indy workers. Maybe even bring in some of Styles old TNA opponents, like Jerry Lynn or someone and have Orton easily take care of them. As good as tonight was, I want more than them repeating the same promos week after week or interfering in each others matches.


My dearest Canadian college hoops heads

Been a minute since we spoke so sorry for how brief my call was a fortnight ago. My phone had a bad connection and I was disconnected weird huh anywho smack down was great promo wise. Could do without the multi person matches tonight but célavi. No Rhonda and her devil may cry 5 promos but it was understandable. Otherwise a fun show setting up a very long and argerous wrestlemainia


-who wasn’t available for the gauntlet next week Scott Steiner “DONT YOU EVER DARE CALL IT A FUCKIN HUDACONRANA”

-wai and John sorry about Ryerson do you think the Dino’s can continue their march to the title against Carleton, I took the over

-John are you shocked about Paulo Costa I’m not lol


I love you guys I’m out of here peace


“The Tennant Killer”, Randy Orton!


I’m not an Orton fan but I’m very very excited for his feud with AJ. Perfect.