FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 3/12/21

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Erin from Brampton

I liked how the show closed out, but I didn’t like how Roman signed the contract so quickly. We’ve seen that he’s an intelligent heel, so it seemed odd how Bryan easily used reverse psychology to convince him. A strong rebuttal and some reasoning would’ve been more in character for Roman.

After all the rumours from today, I wanted to get your opinions on Andrade’s TV use. Clearly we know he belongs on TV, but why do you think Vince/creative doesn’t see any potential in him? We always hear how WWE is looking for their next latino star, but they’ll never find him if they keep putting every good latino on the back burner.

Whatever else is going on with Smackdown, the way they’re handling the Sasha/ Bianca feud has to go down as one of the worst series of booking decisions that show has made in ages. I struggle to comprehend how they have made me start cringing whenever one of these segments comes on. I particularly resent the fact that Reginald seems to be at the centre of all the women’s division stories right now. Perhaps it’ll turn out that he was also the person who sent Bayley the mean tweet to read on her show last week.

I know that we still have one more PPV to get through but it feels like the planning for WrestleMania is way behind this year. Other than Roman (or Daniel Bryan) vs Edge and Sasha (or Nia) vs Bianca, there aren’t any programs that have much momentum. Do you think that a lot of last minute booking is going to dampen viewer interest in the show? Given that they have their Peacock deal locked in now, does WWE even need to worry if Mania doesn’t draw a lot of new subscribers? Curious to know your thoughts.