FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 3/20/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Aleister Black was on Main Event in an empty PC against a jobber, and Corey Graves announced on his Podcast that he is in quarantine. Why is any of this happening? Anyways, Other than Gronk’s entrance and The Exalted One being on both SmackDown & Dynamite this week, we know how everyone feels about these shows so I would like to change the conversation a little bit. Do you guys know when Dark Side of the Ring will air in Canada? Crave has been mentioned, but it’s nowhere on the listings as of yet. The first hour of the Benoit episode was also released on YouTube, but geoblocked. Also, any word on if TSN will air the repeats of past WrestleMania’s?

Alexander from Portland

Just a question: if we’re expecting Goldberg and Reigns to main event one of the WrestleMania nights, how much time do you think it’ll get? I feel like now is as good a time as any to have a shorter match to main event Mania, but I could see WWE thinking otherwise.

Nick from Lansing

I enjoyed the hell out of Gronk, I thought he brings a lot of energy and that’s something you need without an audience. Not a perfect segment, but it did everything it needed and Gronk was a stand out to me, a devout and unbiased New England Patriots fan.

Really incredible tag team match between Drew Gulack, Daniel Bryan and Shinsuke and Cesaro. Fast and hard hitting, it’s what you expect from 4 talented guys give time

I appreciate the effort that Miz and Morrison put into that incredibly strange segment where they played against each other. That’s the sort of creativity I want to see talent using without an audience there

The match between them and Heavy Machinery was actually a lot of fun, both Tucker and Otis has charisma that jumps off the screen but the DQ finish didn’t work for me. To me it makes more sense for Otis to get frustrated and chase after Ziggler. I guess they didn’t want to beat Heavy Machinery but if Ziggler is just going to chill at the end of the match, why would Otis take it out on Morrison and not go after the jackass on the ramp?

You ever get the feeling you’ve seen too many contract signings recently to care?

If the plan is to prerecord some matches for Mania, what are some creative locations and match types you could think of for the current matches advertised?

Jalen from Pickering,

Haven’t watched anything full from WWE since the jump the shark episode (FOX debut), and I’m not a fan of wrestling still going on in these times. But the boredom got to me and I watched this.

All the Bryan stuff was good, and I think benefitted from not having a crowd. And The Miz and Morrison segment showed that they’re getting a bit more creative with what to do in this setting.

Corbin/Elias doesn’t need to exist, Cena not hitting Bray with the chair is still dumb 6 years later, and the entire closing segment was hurt by not having a crowd.

Jermaine from chicago stay safe. Smackdown was ok show. I just think Vince struggles booking heels and babyfaces. Why does the heel always get booked in a six pack challenge matches?he did the same thing with miz and Morrison as he is doing with bayley tonight. If this is a reflection of being real why isn’t the babyface booked in this way more often other then a heel gm doing it?2nd I feel this storyline is make Otis look like a chump. Doesn’t Mandy get to choose who she dates? Why be mad a dolph? I know he is rubbing it in but just chalk it up to the game and move on. Do you like how otis is reacting? Lastly Roman reings. Was he presented as somebody to root for tonight? First he called Goldberg a idiot unprovoked. Then he called him a bitch. He looked like a heel. People tend to blame Vince for all that’s wrong with Roman but where is the push back from Roman that every top guy before him had? Paycheck guy. Bad booking of babyfaces and heels tonight. Thanks and have a great night

Its odd but cool old WrestleManias will be on ESPN the next few weekends. It’s going to be weirder when they run this years Mania after that build on ESPN with no crowd.

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