FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 3/24/22

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Jermaine from Chicago. It’s always great to hear from Kate and wai, two non wack ass Canadians. Smackdown was enjoyable. I like the segments with ray and don and Gunther the most. Although I’m confused why Gunther would say…. why would I agree to this match and then proceed to sign a contract for that said match. I thought him going that long with butch was odd but I understand what they were trying to do. I have a couple of question for you two tonight if that’s ok. I feel really bad for lashley and uncle howdy being tied to bray Wyatt. He was fired and no one touched him. WWE gave him another chance and he didn’t improve in the ring one bit, didn’t work on his body. Maybe pro wrestling isn’t for him. Maybe he would be better as a producer in the back. What do you guys think? Second question is really quick for Kate. It was a debated topic a while ago but what was your male top 3 wrestlers of the yr. Mine was 1) mox 2)ospreay 3)Rollins. Being that I think you have to work full time and at lease have some outstanding in ring matches. Thanks

Mannie from pacoima
Recap of the week:
The men’s team mexico vs team usa in the lucha world cup was the match of the show,
Penta once again showed why he is a star and deserves to be a singles star along with fenix as well.
Hammerstone vs fatu was insane! Jd and dragunov killed it, I’m looking forward to the north american title match at stand and deliver.
Vikingo made us and all of puebla proud, cant wait to see him and komander’s match at supercard of honor.
Aussie open, daniels, and sydal had a great match on roh and the promo between claudio and kingston really hyped up their title match. Lastly what kind of a father slaps his own son?? This is not what our aztec ancestors would want!!!
Enjoy your weekend wai and kate

Nas from NYC

Just came to complement both of you on your amazing F1 podcasts talking about stuff no one else talks about. Just top quality stuff. All three of you were amazing. Definitely more F1 coverage, time permitting of course, in the future.

Anthony from Melbourne

Great to see the Dom and Ray match has finally been confirmed although, I would have liked to see some minor tweaks to how they got there.

Given how strong willed Ray has been to refuse to hit Dom, I think Dom should have given his Mum a little shove, nothing crazy just enough to really set Ray over the edge. Dom just shouting “shut up” at his mum did not seem like enough to change Rays mind after all the home invasions etc.

I also think Ray missed a great opportunity for the line “I brought you into this world and now I’m going to have to take you out”. :joy:

We didn’t get a big stipulation to force Ray to agree to the match but do you think there’s still time?

I can see Ray wanting to teach his Son some respect by making him put his hair on the line and Dom only agreeing to it if Ray puts his mask on the line, or do you just see this being a straight up match?

If Ray looses his mask you would think he needs to retire and he still seems to have some gas in the tank and if Ray wins where does that leave Dom, l think Dom has to go over?