FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 3/26/19

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What did you think of tonight’s edition of WWE SmackDown?

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Brandon from Oshawa

I fucking hated this show and you know what, it wasnt even bad, it was actually really good…if it wasnt for the fact that its taking place 2 weeks before Wrestlemania. Kofi looked like a complete and total bitch tonight. There is no other way of putting it. You mean to tell me, that a person with any pride at all, after getting screwed week after week, is going to come out dancing with pancakes and then let his friends do all the fucking talking? Are you kidding me? What kind of weak booking is that?

Then Charlotte wins the Smackdown title, making Asuka an even bigger joke. Again, this wouldnt be so bad…if it wasnt 2 fucking weeks out. Are they gonna unify the titles? If not, what is the point? I didnt need another title added to it. It wasnt going to make this match any bigger.

Then Kurt Angle finally looks like he’s going to have a decent match with someone and they screw that up in 2 minutes. I was actually excited about this Orton/AJ match after that first promo and now its just back to basic, lazy, meaningless writing ever since.

Then, Miz wants to beat up Shane so bad, he beats up 10 guys to do it and then just lets Shane casually walk to the back and doesnt go after him. Why are wrestlers written to be so fucking dumb? Its like once your hated rival leaves the ring or entrance area, they develop some kind of invisible force field and cant be caught.

And then of course, we really needed another gauntlet match. Its not like they havent overused it at all in the last month. At least The Usos didnt have a sudden character change in one week and suddenly not want to see Kofi go to Mania. Thank god for that. But now this guy is going to Wrestlemania because of his friends. He failed. Couldnt get the job done and hopefully they dont forget about this, because it is the reason Big E to beat the living shit out of Kofi on the Smackdown after Mania.

Total garbage show, but props to your interview with Kenny, John. It blew away everything on this piece of crap show.


Paul from New Jersey (The clear second best feedbacker in New Jersey)

Another gauntlet match? Maybe WWE is trying to prepare us for the gauntlet that is going to be wrestlemania. Speaking of which, I’m totally fine with Charlotte adding the SD Women’s title to the mania main event and putting the rest of the women in the battle royale. I know a lot of people were pissed that Charlotte won, but everyone is also dreading how long the show is going to be so I’m completely fine with this. I’d like to get back to my house by sunrise is possible.

Very much enjoyed the promos between the Miz, Shane and the Foot Clan. Surprisingly, this is been a pretty good feud and I’d rather see a false count anywhere than a singles between the two of these guys.

Excellent interview with Kenny Onega John. You truly are great at what you do.

Andrew from Cape Breton

So I was at the gym at my work camp, and I saw someone on the treadmill turn on Smackdown, and that’s when they had the Women’s Title match on. I looked at the hashtag at the top of the screen and realized it was a title match, and I was actually more interested in that then working out. I saw a lot of backlash to Asuka losing, but I think it was the best decision. I hate the concept of branded titles like a Raw or Smackdown title, so the idea that they may unify the titles is the best idea. Sadly, Asuka was a victim of poor booking recently and the fact that she’s a champion when they have the first ever women’s main event at Wrestlemania. This was for the best. I did get to catch the entirety of the Tag Team Gauntlet, and I thought it ended with a feel good moment at the end, with the entire roster coming out to congratulate the New Day. So honestly, from what I saw at the gym and the last hour, I have to give the show 7 out of 10. Excellent booking, they have a great build to Wrestlemania, and Smackdown made me more excited for Mania.

Jay from Colorado

Roses are red
Sanity with Shane makes me frown
For the first time since I don’t know when
Raw was better than Smackdown

Seriously, wtf was this show even? I’m just gonna start writing my own storylines in my head now to explain this shit. Ok, how this? Shane discovered a portal to parallel universes and found a post-apocalyptic version of the Mean Street Posse. There, that’s a better explanation than Sanity just joining because fuck why not?

Also, remember this date gentlemen we witnessed the needless destruction of Asuka. There was just no reason for this, none.

The two qualities I hate about myself is ranting and writing shitty poetry and this fucking show has forced me to do both. The Kofi stuff was good though.


Raymond in Lincoln, CA

It’s pretty amazing to go from being a completely exclusive podcast listener, to someone that wants to see what the product looks like leading up to the biggest show of the year, at least in terms of how many hours it’ll be. With a lot of mostly tepid builds, the most talked about and screwed with is the “Main Event.” I can not understand having Becky tap to Asuka in January. Have Asuka disappear/have nothing to do for nearly two months. Advertise a 4-way a week ago to determine who the forgotten champion will face, and then an hour before the show change your mind to have Charlotte, a consistent loser based on recent record, win clean and have a title.

Based on everything I listen to here and via Dave Meltzer, it shouldn’t be so surprising that they do stuff like this, but here we are. I guess challenger vs. champion vs. champion for one of those championships…was too much for them to resist.

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Jalen from Pickering,

I laughed out loud when the title match started, cuz we all knew what was coming next. This makes killing time with Charlotte and Becky after the Rumble, while not featuring Asuka and the title look even stupider.
At least the Usos were booked properly against New Day, and the ending was strong.

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Rafael from North Liberty

This episode ruined wrestlemania for me. Have Asuka drop the belt right before mania makes her look like a joke and fans like idiots for believing in her. The Kofi story makes even less sense this week than it did before. A.j. vs Kurt was a waste of time why even mention it ahead at all if it was a surprise I would have been less pissed. I almost enjoyed the gauntlet until I saw that asuka and naomi are idiots cheering for a team even though they were screwed. If WWE has Asuka join the women’s match it will still be bad booking. John thank you for the Kenny omega interview it made the shit wrestling day that was today much better.

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My biggest takeaway after they announced shane-miz as falls count anywhere: they’re going 20 and mania will be 9 hours…

If becky wins both belts, does that potentially buy them a little more time to decide whether to keep her on smackdown or move her to raw? It’s a stretch to think they’ve planned so far in advance but it does make sense

Xavier and Big E are stars, just like kofi, these guys deserve the success and this high profile spot… The Usos giving their respect made sense considering they were by their side just last week and have had the mutual respect gimmick with these guys all year long now.

Bryan is such a great heel, amazing since he was an amazing face - his talking over Vince had me in stitches, as did his fresh afternoon line

Everyone coming out at the end was fine, you had Becky and KO there, so it wasn’t just the scrub squad. this is a scene you could end wrestlemania with - but with the final spot reserved for a moment that will (hopefully) be more memorable, doing it tonight was fine. Wondering if we can expect KO vs Kofi for the title before or for summersSlam.

Not going to make it to NYC next week, but I really am excited for the show… If avengers endgame can go 3 hours with no pee breaks then 8 hours with the pvr remote will be fine

7/10 show

Tyler from Orlando,

I thought everything involving the New Day was fantastic, especially the Uso’s coming down & forfeiting, I’m glad someone backstage remembered that those 2 teams have immense respect for each other. Charlotte beating Asuka 2 weeks away from Mania is questionable, I think they just didn’t want another title match on the show. Anyways I’m starting to get excited for Mania week, looking forward to watching everything from home this year as I went to the last 2. 7/10 for tonight’s show.

Roger from Athens, Georgia

This is a re-post, as apparently the segment that caused me to immediately tune out after tuning in late was a Snickers commercial. I have so little faith in the WWE creative team that I literally thought they gave Gable and Roode a clumsy comedy team gimmick. My first clue should have been the fact that Roode and Gable are a Raw tag team, but who the hell can keep up anymore? Having now caught up with the rest of the show, I can say that with the exception of Miz and Shane, this WrestleMania build has been abysmal. I don’t think I can tune in to these weekly main roster shows going forward, and will instead just listen to John and Wai recap them. I really appreciate the suffering you two put yourselves through every Monday and Tuesday for our benefit. 2 pints of peanut butter out of 5.