FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 3/26/21

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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It felt strange watching tonight because there’s been so much speculation and discussion about what’s going to happen at Mania that I’d almost forgotten that it wasn’t confirmed that the Universal title was going to be a triple threat match, or that we were getting Seth vs Cesaro and Kevin vs Sami. In my head, all of those things were already done, so tonight’s show felt more predictable than usual.

I do think that the two new “grudge” matches have the potential to steal the show and I’m probably more excited for them than for a lot of other things on the card. Although I understand WWE wanting to court a big name, I’m already imagining someone from Peacock editing out references to Logan Paul some time in May. While I doubt that the majority of WWE fans care about his past controversies, he’s still likely to draw a lot of heat on social media, and Comcast doesn’t like that kind of thing. (I think the idea that he’s going to be there next week is dubious and that when he doesn’t show, it’ll just be another thing that Sami takes as evidence of a conspiracy against him.)

Given everything else that’s booked, do you think they are going to bother with matches for the Smackdown tag titles or the women’s tag titles? (I’m assuming that Sheamus vs Riddle for the US title is getting added.) They’ve put enough effort into the Nia/ Reginald build that I think they have to do something but I can’t see it rising above the level of the pre-show.

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