FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 3/6/18

Leave us your feedback and questions coming out of Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live and how effective the buildup has been for Fastlane this Sunday.


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Anthony from Los Angeles
Hey guys, I was at work today and an older gentleman who works in the same building came in and asked one of my coworkers if he watched WWE last night. I’ve talked to this guy about wrestling before and he liked it as a child and then in the 80’s and early 90’s, so to hear that he had tuned in was cool, he wanted to see what they were doing with Rousey. Unfortunately he changed the channel after seeing that terribly off-the-mark punch thrown by Kurt Angle. Do you think that the lack of realism or suspension of disbelief required by the product might be one of the bigger reasons casual fans aren’t as interested in WWE? This guy wasn’t shocked the punch was fake, just by how bad it looked.

Big Chauncy from Denver here with fastlane fastly approaching how will they make this main event any better than the one tonight, aside from changing the winning percentage from 20% to 16.6667%? Also I have a RAW question, do you think Elias will challenge Braun in a cage match at WrestleMania I think we can all agree that seems to be the course they are headed, right? I know I don’t wanna see him in another multi man match

Brandon from Oshawa

I thought the text during the promos was bad before, but it got to a whole new level of stupid, watching with no volume. I was watching a hockey game and had Smackdown on mute in the background. The Baron Corbin promo came on and all I saw was “I owe John Cena.” I could maybe get behind these text during promos, if they had some sort of message or meaning. What exactly did he owe Cena? A sandwich? I’m sure he said a beating or something, I didnt bother to go back and listen, my point is…why not at least emphasize the stuff that needs to be emphasized? Not just any random word or line. It got even worse when they added text recapping Cenas Raw promo. If they are going to do this, do it with Nakamura and let him speak japanese and not try and be a comedian.

Lara from Vancouver

I complained last week about Cedric’s poor selling of his knee hurting his match, so it’s only fair I praise Buddy Murphy’s incredible selling this week. Murphy’s selling of his arm was out of this world. From only hooking a leg on a pin with his good arm to the small touch of doing the backslide with just one arm, everything he did was bang on. Last week I said if you do a body part match it should factor into the finish and this week, wow did it ever.

Murphy has star potential.

Also if you didn’t see the full version of Ali’s promo on twitter, go check it out. It was one of the best promos I’ve seen in a while and I am so glad a portion of it made it onto 205 Live.

Jay from Denver, Colorado here. Just have some quick 205 Live thoughts.

The Mustafa Ali promo was fantastic. Buddy Murphy is amazing. Drew Gulack has re-invented himself. With that being said, screw the guys who were chanting “lets go home!” during the first match. Not funny, not cute, not smart.

Any truth to the cruiserweight tag division and belt rumors? It looks like the tag match tonight lends weight to those rumors. Maybe we can get a intercontinental cruiserweight title, or a US cruiserweight title, or even a cruiserweight cruiserseight title?

that was a really Good Smackdown ziggler vs styles was great!
Mixed Match Challenge continues to be fun
I think Carmella Might cash in at Fastlane
But would rather see something different like seths cash in considering its the first women’s cash in
Could they be holding off on Asuka going after Charlotte at wm till after Fastlane?

Mj from Nj

Does WWE need to do away with the PPVs between Rumble and Mania. I understand one two crown another challenger but should the Champs not be booked strong and not ever vulnerable heading into a headlining Mania match. Also, all these challengers makes the Rumble less important. Next year when the PPV rosters are loaded I’d use one show to set up the rest of the card. It’s stupid waiting 5-7 weeks after the Rumble before the real road begins

Smackdown was fine this week. The Ruby/Charlotte segment was decent. The main event was good but unnecessary and it seems weird that Sami would turn on Kevin before the title match. Wouldn’t it make more sense for him to lull Owens into security before turning on him when it matters?

205 Live was great again this week, though the crowd continues to be an issue. Gulak and Andrews had a great match and not only did they not react, but they heckled them by chanting for the Packers and one guy chanting boring. Buddy Murphy and Mustafa Ali had an excellent match. Murphy’s selling and bumping were out of this world, and the arm work played so well into the finish. It felt like a match-up they want to go back to later, with this being a setup for the future. I also enjoyed the teaming of Itami and Tozawa. They meshed well together.

That being said, what do you guys think of the rumored Cruiserweight Tag Titles that might be on the way? Do you like or dislike the idea of adding them to the show?

The greatness in that Tag Team video package was reflective of the men starring init.

Question: Who’s been the #3 tag team in the last 5 years?