FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 3/6/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

Although I generally have a NWO/DX fatigue, I thought the interaction with Sami Zayn was entertaining. Alexa & Nikki have a weird energy that leaves me uncomfortable.

Proud of Buffalo for booing the JBL announcement.

Chad Gable cuts solid, believable promos & is booked well in GM mode on up up down down. It blows my mind.

If I were Mandy, I would kind of be concerned that somebody stole my phone in an effort to sabotage a potential relationship thus directly screwing with my life. I guess the thought didn’t occur.

Uninspiring show tonight. 4. Question, any chance Gulak defeats Bryan in his hometown of Philadelphia by hook or by crook?

Brandon from Oshawa

It’s amazing how different 2 companies handle their legends. On AEW, the legends are used to build up and get over the younger talent. In WWE, they trot the legends out to make fun of their younger talent and make them look like jokes.

Is anyone excited for a potential Baron Corbin vs Elias Wrestlemania match? That could be the most boring match in the shows history. What do you think the ceiling is for Otis? He feels like one of he most over performers on the show every week. Will he always be just a comedy guy? Or can he break out and become a main event threat someday?

Ben from Vancouver

It’s too bad Alexa and Nikki weren’t around in 1996 because if they were there to host a talk show then WCW would have prevailed.

Never before has the nWo seemed less cool as having Michael Cole talk about them as they gingerly walked down the aisle.

Brutal segment, stopped watching after that. Compare that with Jake Roberts’ usage on Dynamite and it’s easy to see why one brand is growing and one has been stagnant for years

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On the plus side, they deserve credit for at least trying to get people interested in the 3-on-1 handicap match for the IC title by including the NWO in the opening segment. Jake the Snake this was not but I’ve gone from a 3% to 11% interest level in this match. Sami Zayn is still very funny on the mic.

I actually got kind of pissed off when Dolph came out with Mandy, and Bray Wyatt cut his best promo in months, so they have some intriguing storylines.

The big problem with this show is all the boring matches. Sonya Deville choke holds don’t do it for me. Why is Sheamus still screwing around with Apollo and Shorty G? And of course they send the fans home happy with Dolph Ziggler stealing the win after what felt like an hour long match that nearly put me to sleep.

Smackdown is treading water. 5/10