FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 4/10/18

For tonight’s feedback - we are looking for your quick thoughts on SD & 205 Live, any choices to move brands next week, and questions coming out of the show.

Tune into Rewind-A-SmackDown late tonight.


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Awesome show. Welcome back Paige :slight_smile:
Naka interference was clear when they announced the match … loved the match nevertheless. Very possible that AJ and Bryan will end up on different shows next week.
Billie and Peyton debut was nice and finally Carmella cashed in. I feel the first MitB winner needs to have a successful cash-in and damn was her squicking perfectly annoying :smiley:
Only downside is that we’re getting Orton Vs Jinder again … can’t wait for the Punjabi prison match in 2018 :pig:

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Welcome home John and Wai;

Good to see Paige as General Manager.

Tonight’s Smackdown was OK, but there were things I just didn’t get. I really enjoyed Royce and Kay’s beat down of Charlotte but why have Carmella cash in? Charlotte was looking stronger than ever after ending Asuka’s streak and this booking ruined what I feel would have been a superior story.

The AJ Styles / Daniel Bryan match I felt was oddly booked. This is a match people talked about seeing in the WWE even when there was little chance of Bryan ever returning to the ring. I don’t like that it was booked to build even more heat on Shinsuke but I think I see where they could be going with this.

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Smackdown was okay, John I have a UFC question. I know you had a busy weekend with wrestling but do you plan on breaking down UFC 223 and I love to hear your opinion Conor McGregor mess

Matt from Morristown Tennessee

Decent show tonight. Glad to see Paige continued to be used on TV. I just wonder how long this will last since her movie should be out soon. Bludgeon Bros vs Usos will be good but I was hoping to see Usos moved to Raw. Iconic Duo debuting was great but odd that they were the only call ups tonight unless if they are saving more for next week. No real opinion on Carmella cashing in since I’m still salty about Asuka losing. Also for the love of God, WWE, no one I repeat no one wants to see Orton vs Jinder again. Finally AJ/Bryan was a nice appetizer for a future PPV match. Hope they don’t move either one of them next week to Raw. Which leads me to a question, who do you not want to be moved on Raw or Smackdown?

Great Smackdown. Very easy to watch after the many hours of WWE programming this week.

Paige is a great choice for GM but I don’t like them taking these retirement speeches for granted. I know she said “in ring” last night but they should have kept her off TV for awhile. Let that sink in first.

The Carmella cash in is what it is. Charlotte was so special at mania I would have liked this to happen later. I pray Charlotte stays on sd live. She’s got tons of adversaries now. I’d have her win the royal rumble and fight Ronda for the raw title next mania.

Shinsuke is a great heel. Simple is better and low blows equals bad hombre. Usos should move to raw. I feel they’ve ran the division and faced new day enough.

On a side note, this episode of sd got a .5 Point bump in ratings for watching two members of the show Impractical Jokers sitting in the front row behind the announcers. Q from the show was freaking out at Carmella’s cash in. Their facial reactions all night were hilarious!

SD definitely feels like the smaller show with the level and amounts of surprises, but because it was 2 hours and had 2 really strong matches, I found it way more enjoyable. I’ve never seen a heel Nakamura, but I’m already loving it and am hopeful that this brings out the best in him. I’m strongly hoping that they keep Bryan on SD and find a way to keep his matches as a special occurrence, maybe a little more or as frequently as whatever schedule Ronda is gonna have. Although I highly doubt it. Strong show, 8/10

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Steve from BC

Not being a big fan of Raw this week, I thought this Smackdown really delivered. The surprises last night seemed a little forced and overdone. Tonight though, they made a lot more sense. Loved seeing that Paige still has a role with the company, and having a female GM seems like a breath of fresh air as we haven’t seen it done in a while. The debut of Peyton and Billie was a great showcase for their personality and the beat down, while a little sloppy at times was pretty effective. Glad they pulled off the Carmella cash in as she would have looked pretty bad to not take advantage of Charlotte. AJ and Bryan had a pretty solid TV match and I look forward to these two getting some time at a PPV . And finally for me the star of the show was Nakamura. Not being familiar with him as a heel in New Japan, I was curious how he would do. First night in? Awesome. From his backstage promo to his beat down of AJ and the 2 cheap low blows, he felt like an absolute dick and the crowd bought in. Great stuff.


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Chris, from Melbourne Australia.

The choice of Paige as GM was excellent, was worried they were considering Jeff Jarrod like they did with Kurt last year.

So happy to see Billie & Payton debut, hopefully WWE can hold off on thier breakup for a long time. Also after the Charlotte beat down I wasn’t expecting a Cash-in, but what was up with that ref? He looked like a deer in the headlights taking forever to make it official.

Watched 205Live, was a great show but have Percy, since when was he called up from NXT commentary?

Finally, I missed Feedback on Raw so, as negative as I was on Ronda Rousey, to be complete honest she won me over. If all her involvement is kept to a minimum (Like Brock) I fell she can go really far.

Jesse from the 6

Watched the show with my girlfriend tonight, Her thoughts:

(Upon seeing Shane McMahon) - “Why is he sweating so much?”

(On Daniel Bryan’s return) - “Isn’t he the match coordinator?”

(On Iconic’s debut/Carmella’s cash in) - “What is happening?”

(Upon seeing a photo of Undertaker from WrestleMania) - “They made that old man wrestle again?!”

Take Care

Zekey from Toronto

Smackdown was a 10. This board has tough graders. We got a devastating beat-down by the Aussies. No beach balls. And we got a main event that would make Dr Tom Prichard proud.

Mark from Vaughan

I’m glad they found a way to utilize Paige’s charisma and mic skills so quickly. Also thought the new twist on Nakamura’s character to more of his NJPW persona was awesome. His timing in the Renee segment was great.

Question: Who do you think would benefit most from a change of scenery next week? It feels like Braun would be a bigger deal in main events on SmackDown. It’s also clear Bryan and Miz need to end up on the same brand to continue their story.

Chris from Florida

A really great show from Smackdown. Polar opposite of RAW, while RAW focused on story, character, the crowd and promos, Smackdown focused on the in ring and really delivered.

We had a great decision to bring Paige in as the GM and I think she will be great in that role.

The promo from Nakamura was solid gold. I am now 100% behind heel Nakamura. His dickish demeanor fits the type of heel they are portraying him as perfectly.

The match between Nattie and Charlotte was terrific. The tornado powerbomb from Nattie was a thing of beauty. Post match was great as well, you had a great debut from the Iconic Duo with a particularly brutal beatdown to setup the cash in by Carmella. I hated the ref bit with Carmella, that was stupid and pointless but the cash in itself was great. She won’t be champ long, but this was the perfect time and place to do it.

The Triple Threat match was decent but a low point for me. I’m just burnt out on these guys at this point and really don’t get WWE steadfast refusal to acknowledge Rusev’s popularity. Its childish and petulant.

AJ had a quick but great promo leading up to the match with Bryan. Man, Bryan is just hugely over to this crowd. I’d complain about giving this away on TV but its the Smackdown after Mania and there is a chance Bryan could go to RAW next week. So I can’t complain there.The match itself was incredible and I felt at times like I was watching New Japan. I also loved the finish, you sort of knew it was coming. Can’t have AJ lose clean and you can’t have Bryan lose at all yet.

Great show top to bottom.

9 low blows out of 10

PS if you guys saw Being the Elite 100, what did you guys think? (disregard if already covered)

Matt from Kansas City

First time giving feedback so sorry if it’s a bit lengthy! About as good of a POST-mania smackdown you could ask for with everything that had to get done as far as call-ups, the briefcase and setting up the next two special events.

I felt the pacing in the early portion of the show was a bit slower, probably because they thought the crowd would be as hot as last night. I had noticed an egregious amount of milking for chants to the point of them kind of becoming cringe material, by the time Daniel Bryan came out the crowd had chanted “Yes!” so much that they weren’t even into it.

That’s about all I can complain about. Booking AJ/Bryan is smart as it gives you a preview of this “dream match” down the line while also letting the audience think one of these two is going to Raw. The cash-in was very well done, right down to where Mike Chioda was milking it for Carmella. Iconic are already a better version of LayCool and I’m so happy that the US title was retired at Wrestlemania on Sunday, it really gives the roster a clearer focus without that belt and I’m sure you guys are elated to see it gone as well.

My question for you guys this week: Do you lock in Bryan and Reigns for Mania 35 right now? I feel like that’s the biggest match you could possibly have and their Fastlane 2015 match was very good. Thanks for all you do.

Andrew from New Orleans

Another fun live event. Clearly not as many Mania week visitors as last night but still a good number based on the “travel package” chants during Shane’s promo. WWE deep discounted tickets on Monday but still quite a few empty seats in the lower bowl and most of the upper deck was tarped off. Way more children than last night but by far the second least amount of kids I have ever seen at a WWE event.

Paige was over big and this seems like a role in which she can flourish and I hope they allow her to live up to those expectations. Crowd was into Iconic and the Carmella’s cash in. This was the second Money In The Bank cash in I have seen live in that arena (the first was CM Punk’s cash in at the 2009 Extreme Rules). The Danielson - Styles match seemed to lose some momentum and big fight aura when the commercial breaks came right after the entrances. Even though the Nakamura run in was predictable, I still got to watch AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan wrestle for about 20 minutes and that put a big smile on my face. Here is to NEVER hearing either of those damn kid rock songs again.

Burak from London.

Loved the Carmella cash in as I was still upset by Asuka losing.

Shinsuke as the Japanese villain, very James Bond.

Usos and New Day had another good match.

Not a fan of the Iconics new music though.

So glad this whole weekend is over as I’m now broke, exhausted and ready to sleep for 2 days. Kudos to you guys for all the work you put in.

6 Honey Buns out of 10

Smackdown good from start to finish. Shinsuke’s promo and involvement in the main event have turned me around on his heel turn. The Carmella cash in worked for me. The slowass referee was annoying but Corey Graves made it hilarious with his reaction. Becky Lynch also posted on her instagram story her explanation for not rescuing Charlotte. I hope the superstar shakeup pairs Miz and Daniel Bryan together.

Just want to say Wai your review of the AJ vs Shinsuke match was really great and you should get fired up more often.

Burney from Chicago

As much as last night’s Raw disappointed me, Smackdown was the total opposite. Loved seeing the Iconic Duo debut in such a big way! Paige as GM has a ton of potential. A little part of me wishes they had held off on a Bryan/Styles match, but I just got to watch AJ Styles wrestle Daniel Bryan with interference from Nakamura! Who ever thought we would get to see that in 2018?

I am wondering if you think there will be any big names moved in the shake up next week or if they will just move mid carders and tag teams? Also, what superstars do you think would benefit most from changing shows?

Thanks for all you do. I really enjoyed all of your WrestleMania week coverage!

What a night

Paige is GM! Carmella is Smackdown Womens Champ!
I was Wondering who was left to come up from NXT Besides iconic Guess thats it until the shakeup which i like puts them in the spotlight! Lovin Nakamuras Heel Work! Who do u see switching brands? aj vs daniel bryan wow Cant wait to see the match with a winner