FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 4/10/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Alexander from Portland

just a few questions. it’s been so long since Braun was a part of the Wyatt Family. What were your favorite moments of his time with them? None are coming to mind for me. Secondly, is there an update for the people that were supposed to go into the Hall of Fame this year? Are they in? Thanks guys.

Andrew from Cape Breton

You’d think with the fact that people are getting fined for violating social distancing orders and driving in cars with 2 or more people from different households that there wouldn’t be much going on in the world. But that’s one reason why I love professional wrestling. An atomic bomb could hit and POST Wrestling would still be in business. Smackdown was ok. I’m trying to get used to not having crowds, but more often then not, I’m distracted and doing other things. I’m surprised the Miz is back with little problems considering the controversy he caused before. It also really does seem like Kairi Sane might be out the door as they focus more on Asuka. Anyway, decent show, 5 Braden Walker knock knock jokes out of 10.

I can’t wait to read Wai’s future breakdown of Braun vs. “his daddy” Bray Wyatt. It’s been said, but it’s also important to continue saying: these shows should not be happening. Perhaps “the mouse” should get involved before the next set of tapings. I got no joy out of this episode, and the best thing might have been hearing JR, and seeing Matt Hardy on SmackDown. That’s almost like putting over a guy during WrestleMania weekend, and releasing him a few days letter. Anyways, my question, I was just wondering what you guys think of Edge’s comments about his match on Corey Graves’ Podcast? (He was also on Tim and Sid today). If you haven’t heard it yet, basically he said he wasn’t planning on going that long, but also could have gone longer. He also referred to those who might not have liked the match as people who just like to complain.