FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 4/14

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An easy to watch Smackdown. Each match got time to breathe and the Bloodline’s cracks continue to form with the WM rematch for the tag titles in two weeks time. It would be insulting if the show reverts back to the status quo with the Draft coming down the pike by having the Usos regain the titles.

The chickens need to come home to roost.

Xavier Woods v LA Knight was a fun match. It’s nice to see Woods showcase himself in a singles light. I’m pretty excited for him vs Gunther next week. Lastly, it was nice to see Nakamura get treated like a big deal again. I wanna see that continue

Recommendation: Bate v Ziggler from Main Event was dope.

Mannie from pacoima

Just wanted make a small correction on the 4 way tag that was metioned for triplemania. It will actually be two tag matches where rivals will team up together. The losing teams of rush and l.a.park vs dmt azul and blue demon jr will face the losing team of penta and alberto vs sam adonis and psycho clown at the next triplemania and will culminate at the third event where the losing team will face off in a mask vs hair match.
Its a similar format to the death roulette tourney they did for the last triplemania. I personally would like to see rush vs l.a. park since I know they’ve been wanting to have a mask vs hair match.

Also looking forward to jay white vs komander on Wednesday and vikingo vs dralistico on rampage

Best of luck to you all at the CN tower and John enjoy rebellion! Be safe guys.