FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 4/17/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Will from Toronto

Nice to see the belts back on The New Day but serious issues with Big E licking the title belts during what’s going on in the world. :man_facepalming:t2:

Dave In Boston

Tag team match with singles competitors was good, but with them swapping the belts so often are we supposed to care who wins?

Nice tribute to the Fink.

Bray and Braun have no interest in, Braun as champ i’m not really buying.

Best thing on the show was Mandy and Sonya… worked well with no crowd.
I’m intrigued with this storyline!

Decent show.

Big E was not practicing social distancing with those titles.

Alexander from Portland

That Mandy/Sonya segment was incredibly fun, definitely would have worked better had there been a crowd. The announcement that Money in the Bank will be taking place in/on the rooftop of the WWE headquarters is amazing. This kind of out-of-the-box thinking (more like out-of-the-ring) is perfect for empty arena settings. If the biggest weak point of these shows is the fact that there’s no crowd, why not turn that into an advantage? If WWE has to film multiple PPVs in this empty arena environment they’ll have to work to make each show stand out, and so far they’re appearing to do that. This does make me question, is the performance center big enough to hold a Hell in a Cell? 7/10

Question: Do you think WWE will be more or less willing to have the Money in the Bank cash-ins take place during their empty arena shows? Part of the allure of the cash-in is the randomness of it, which has historically generated massive pops. By not having those take place in front of a crowd you’re losing a massive moment, but considering that WWE typically doesn’t do long-term booking it wouldn’t surprise me if both briefcases were used before SummerSlam. Thoughts?

Josh from Vietnam.

No Big E stop that’s how the virus spread. Where are the disinfectants?
This week has been a really really terrible one for a lot of people in the industry. I hope that they will receive the support they deserve, either from the fans or colleague or even support from government.
That said, decent episode of Smackdown tonight.
Braun vs Wyatt is officially announced, but I still think that it is too soon to go to that program.
Most of the qualifying matches is passable, with Bryan vs Cesaro the obvious standout. Since when is Tamina a face? Also, Naomi seem to have lost the push she never had.
I applause the in ring confrontation between Mandy and Sonya, easily the best angle in WWE today. Is the writer for this fired? I hope they realized that is a mistake.
Question: What do you think of a potential Shame-us vs Jeff Hardy feud? Without any obvious grudge I don’t think a lot of people will care about it.

Finally we get to see Titan Towers match, surely paying homage to Kota Ibushi’s DDT Apartment

The whole thing should be like DDT Street Wrestling series

This is my first time ever leaving feedback.

After the decision to live tape this week, followed by the roster cuts – and then watching Dark Side of the Ring, I truly think I am done with WWE until there is a change at the top.

I had mainly been watching clips on YouTube and listening to the Post Wrestling (a true highlight in these times). But after this week, I just can’t look away anymore.

We all knew Vince engaged in some pretty shady business – and for years we even enjoyed it as his Mr. McMahon character. But especially after seeing the allegations about his activities during the Snuka cover up, I don’t even want to support them with YouTube views.

If what’s alleged there is true about Vince’s actions, I just can’t support this company any longer.