FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 4/2/19 (WrestleMania 35 Go-Home Show)

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What did you think of the WrestleMania go-home edition of SmackDown?

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Jake from The Windy City

The contract signing was just flawless and exactly what it needed to be. Bryan had the crowd on strings tonight and the nuclear heat he’s getting is what how a heel should try to achieve. And Kofi had a great rebuttal promo and really got me invested for this bout on Sunday. And I think this is a first where the contract signing didn’t end in a disaster.


Jay from Colorado

Ok, after the second night in a row I can confirm something is up with Alister Blacks entrance mechanism. Last night on Raw it made this noise like a rollercoaster as he was rising and then this noise that almost sounded like a party squeaker when it finished. The more I watched it, the funnier it got. Scared the hell out of my dogs too. They need to oil that damn thing.

Also Eric Young without his beard looks like 40 year old Crash Holly from the post apocalypse.

Chris from Queensland, Australia.

SmackDown Live

  • The show seemed to build excellently just like a go-home show should, but what’s this about Rey Mysterio suffered an ankle injury during his match against Baron Corbin last night on Raw?! Thanks Barron!
  • Billie & Peyton’s promo was everything it needed to be, were going to be champions and this is how we’ll achieve this.

205 Live

  • Tonight Oney Lorcan defeated Kalisto & Akira Tozawa defeated Mike Kaneills.
  • Well “Buddy Murphy © vs Tony Nese” is confirmed for the Kickoff on Sunday, shame the last time it was defended on the Main Card was Survivor Series. Tony Nese said all the pressure is on Buddy Murphy, before being jumped from behind by Murphy and brawling from backstage onto the stage. After officials separate them it ends with Tony Nese standing tall after hitting Buddy Murphy with a running knee. A great video package to close out the 205 Live go-home show, hope this airs before their match.

WrestleMania thoughts

  • Amazing to see how far Buddy, Billie & Peyton have all come from wrestling in front of a few hundred people on the other side of the world to competing at WrestleMania on Sunday, but also they are all in Championship Matches. Australian’s are the future & the future is… IICONIC!

Brandon from Oshawa

Daniel Bryan was fucking incredible tonight. I remember when people thought the crowd was quickly going to turn him babyface again, but he had this crowd in the palm of his hand tonight. They were so hot during that final segment and this match might be the one I am looking forward to the most at Mania.

AJ/Orton did a good job of steering their rivalry back in the right direction as well. Kevin Owens was great, just getting up and walking out.

There has to be a reason Kevin Owens is not being included in the battle royal, right? I’m trying to hold out hope that he will have something interesting planned. Do you think they could do something with him and Cena? It would be out of nowhere right now, but so would pretty much anything involving Cena, unless he does end up challenging Kurt. I dont really see the point in them holding Owens off the show and if they didnt have something else planned for him, then why not just announce him for the battle royal already?

Jalen from Pickering,

Strong ways to bookend the show. Also really dug Miz’s promo, but everything else on the show was meh at best.
It’s almost nauseating to compare where Asuka, Nakamura, and Rusev are now compared to last year. Minus the heel turn, the former Rumble winners had literally the same year between bad English promos, repeated title losses, makeshift tag teams, and a title reign where they became ghosts. And the lack of Rusev day chants says it all for him.
This Mania does feel like a shift in the WWE though, so hopefully they’ll use it to establish fulltime stars.

Joey from Queens,

Salutations gentleman it’s has been many moons since last I was at the cafe.

I will try to keep my thoughts short and sweet. Highlights for me was The Miz promo and the Contract Signing and the lowlights was the 18-geek tag match that turned into the 18-geek battle royal. Anyone else remember when Asuka went 2 years without taking a loss and is now rubbing shoulder with the likes Otis and Tucker. I don’t know her contract situation but I wonder come negotiation time if she would answer a phone call from Jacksonville.

Overall grade: 5 out of 10 the good was there but it couldn’t out weight the mediocre and the downright bad.

Sad to say I can’t see you at the Broadway but have a blast in my hometown and I definitly recommend if your in queens to go to Gino’s Express Pizza, best buffalo chicken slice in town.

Paul from New Jersey

Before going to commercial, it was anniunced there would be an 18 person mixed tag match. I then proceeded to yell “I BEG YOUR PARDON.”

But, it was cool. I actually enjoyed it.

Daniel Bryan is a wrestling god, that is all.



Big E is a legend. And the crowd behind Kofi tonight was beautiful. As was both promos. I haven’t been moved to want somebody to win a match like this in WWE since Punk’s pipebomb.

Maybe one of the best go home segments heading to Mania of all time. And especially on SD none the less. Felt like the Hottest match of the card and Bryan has mastered this troll heel character who spews hate on Kofi with the irony of it being him 4/5 years ago. Dare I say it, now that we’re here, might be good storytelling in WWE

Kevin Owens played a great straight man. Would have liked Randy to aim some comments at him too but I do like how they’ve positioned no that match. As the big non title singles match on SD it’s way more intriguing than Roman-Drew

So even more confused than last night about the tag titles in WWE. Too confused to even ask you guys to explain the hierarchy of tag teams across all three brands.

The Iiconics are…Iiconic! But really, tremendous act. Can do this for years and never be a serious team.

I love this version of the Miz but I do think he loses at Mania. If he wins he goes to a conquering babyface whereas he’s been excellent as a sympathetic one during this build. He can get the win at another show where he and Shane are more prominent.

(Watching now so will leave bits for as far as I get while the guys record)

Mj - leaving separate feedback for DoubleShot

Lot can be said about the Oliver piece and debate. I don’t think it’s as simple as people make it. And when you consider how many wrestlers make livable wages in the world today, it’s truly amazing. Who’s to say making them employees with those added costs wouldn’t cut spots, shut down PCs, and reduce salaries? I’d love for a solution or middle ground to be reached but unfortunately I don’t see a piece designed for cheap pops and one so easily dismissed by Stamford as the right way to solve the problem. That said, there are not two other people I would rather debate such nuanced topics with or listen to discuss them more than John and Wai. I sense we may not totally agree on some of what’s been said on th forum but that you approach these conversations with real thought and such studied insight is delightful. Respect the hell out of that!

On Being The Elite: The Bucks and Omega dropped Punks name multiple times in the same breath as Tony Khans. That’s too close to the fire to be an accident. At this point, I’d be disappointed if CM Punk did not appear for AEW by the end of 2019. And what kind of business would Punk vs Omega do? Does that sell better than this year’s Rumble? Tokyo Dome?

Surely we can’t have a wrestlemania without The Undertaker can we…CAN WE??

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I had the same reaction : did you say “18 person mixed tag” ? Is that a thing ? I would call it a mixed clusterfuck.

Right!? I enjoyed it very much.