FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 4/23/19

What did you guys think of SmackDown? Leave your feedback and questions here for Rewind-A-SmackDown.

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Paul from New Jersey

Becky’s promo tonight was the best since winning 2 belts. Charlotte and Bayley were very good as well. Dont know what to think about the Bray thing, but I’m intrigued. The Iconic’s title run fall to 0-4 as Peyton Royce gets squashed. Trash the titles. Kevin Owens is fantastic.

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Tess from Oklahoma City

The Charlotte and Bayley match was really fun to watch. I sort of hate that Charlotte is getting a Money in the Bank title match, but at the same time if she wins the Smackdown women’s title I think it sets up for a nice feud with Bayley. It also keeps Charlotte out of the MITB ladder match, which given the roster will almost assuredly have a winner from Smackdown. So I actually don’t mind this decision and we got a good match tonight.

What the hell is going on with Smackdown Tag? Are we ever going to see the Hardyz defend the belts they acquired? Why can’t the Iiconics win a damn match? If the point was to put the titles on Absolution or Kairi/Asuka as it seems why have them win at Wrestlemania? They’re proving everyone right who was pissed that the Iiconics won the belts in the first place. And why can’t we get Tyler Breeze?!?


Jesse from the 6

What the hell was Babcock thinking playing the fourth and third lines so much?! Matthews had ONE shift in a four minute span in the third period with the Leafs down 3-1. And why do Gardiner and Andersen always have poor game sevens? AND just what was Nylander tryna do on that empty net goal?!

The Leafs are just like the WWE, actually. A formerly great organization that has under performed for decades but succeeds financially thanks to a handful of wealthy supporters.

Go Raptors.
Take Care


Really fun show tonight. Way better than raw. I figured they would get the sd belt off becky soon. Wwe struggles with complexity and has no idea how to book a dominant champion on both brands. If she loses the sd title, i would choose Bayley or ember and not go to the Charlotte well so soon.

Good matches overall and the Shane /Elias pairing is fresh.

KO’s turn was masterful. He is such a natural heel and him and kofi will have great matches.

The fact they pulled the trigger on the KO heel turn suggests Bryan isn’t coming back soon. Bryan was the number one heel, then orton. The fact they turned and promoted Owens this early, suggests Bryan may not be back for awhile, if at all. What do you guys think?

Hey guys it’s Brad from Halifax

Had a 12 hour day at work and thought I would end it by watching a little wrestling.

It was worth staying up for the Fin vs Andreas’s match. Wow, great match but weird ending. Why have them trade wins?

Kofi vs Shinsuke was good too but the champ can’t beat Shinsuke?

Is there a rule that people can’t win two matches in a row anymore in WWE ? Why is it so hard just to have some people win a lot in a row and some people lose. Then when the people that win for a while, Finally lose; and it’s actually a big deal. See booking 101.

Jon and Wai, why are there no tag teams on the show tonight? Was there a tag match last week? If not, is there a reason the tag teams aren’t on SmackDown ?

Thanks guys keep up the good work and sorry for no punctuation last week. Dyslexia is no fun when you’re trying to write something after a long day. Cheers

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Nick from N.J.

The Becky/Charlotte exchange was just brutal. They were constantly talking over each other and someone will have to explain to me what Charlotte’s “worst winning streak” is.

Best part of the show was KO going back to who he is. Glad they didn’t slow turn him. Smackdown desperately needed a top heel and I look forward to him against Kofi.

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Matt in the 604.

Got the care package today! So sick, as I live in Canada got the Hi-Chew!! Have to go to my mom’s to get a tape player from the garage… very stoked, thank you both.

Wai, who is your Baron Corbin of Smackdown live?

Steve from Virginia Beach

I wish when they bring out the New Day commentary table, I could just hit the SAP button and listen to the New Day commentary during that match instead of the English broadcast team going back for bits and pieces. No disrespect to Carlos Cabrera and Hugo Savinavich, but I switched over for some KO commentary and was sadly disappointed.

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Prakash from Michigan

I was getting pretty disappointed as a whole by tonight’s SmackDown Live…until the final five minutes. This heel turn was what I was waiting for. KO is such a natural heel that he is simply wasted as a face. He can be a tweener but he cannot pull off a funloving, jovial babyface. I am now pretty invested on KO-Kofi feud. I have high expectations.

I am also invested in the new Bray Wyatt character because I am pretty sure there is dark twist coming.

I am NOT invested in the Roman Reigns feud or Becky-Charlotte feud revisited. As much as I like Charlotte, I am tired of seeing her and Becky in a program together.

And what is WWE doing with the IIconics? I can see they are not legit champions material but at least have them win most of their matches by cheating. They have lost every match since winning the belts (Brooklyn Belles don’t count).

I was going to give tonight’s episode a score of 4, but after the closing sequence, I am giving it 6 KO powerbombs out of 10.

Ari from montreal
Guys be honest…is Russo back as a writter? I ask cuz there are a lot of 2000 nitro-esque decisions lately. The over booking of the entire Becky, Rousey and Chalotte…and now KO turns on Kofi. Why not let it breath…have for at least a month to make it seem legit. The reason why the festival of friendship worked was because it didnt happen in 2 weeks.