FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 4/24/20

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

A reminder that Rewind-A-SmackDown will be released on Saturday afternoon this week.

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I wanted to talk about how the show was fine, with some good matches but what the fuck was up with Vince at the end? Is that man so incapable of showing love and gratitude that he creates an entire celebration of his son in law just as a build up to him calling him boring? I refuse to believe Vince scripted himself at all so I can only imagine he spoke from the heart which makes the whole interaction even crazier to me. Absolutely wild.
The New Day made me laugh with the Tom Brady stuff, thanks for all the hard work you two!

Alexander from Portland

The Forgotten Sons have a lot of work to do in order to generate interest. I was very interested in SANiTY in NXT and when they were called up, but they were disbanded pretty quickly. Considering The Forgotten Sons have done less in WWE than SANiTY, could you see the trio being broken up in the next few months?

Brett from Vancouver

Don’t get to give feedback much since I usually can’t watch live and you guys post the shows so quickly!

Decent enough show tonight.

I thought it was nice to get a little talking from Forgotten Sons, not sure how much potential there is there, I was actually a Gunner fan for some reason, but it seems like Gunner/Cutler were decent talking, I thought Blake was a little weak.

I’m not sure if they’re going somewhere with this Sheamus/Cole thing. I mean it seems obvious they’re going to a Sheamus and Hardy match, but I feel like the Cole thing can’t just be totally dropped when that match comes.

Still enjoying the slow burn with Sasha and Bayley.

Main event segment was kinda odd. There was clearly some sincerity to it, but then there was the goofiness thrown into it. Then the performers shitting on it? They could’ve easily just done like a HHH highlight reel, had a few words after it from the man himself and been done.

Keep up the great work guys.

Jordan from Kitchener,

Well WWE had another empty arena show and it was there. Glad to see Jackson Riker still has a job and Drake Maverick doesn’t, which I’m still trying to figure out what he does that makes him so appealing.

King Corbin is going to be Money in the Bank and knowing the WWE writers and Vince, he’ll win and cash in on Braun to win his first WWE universal championship. How quick do you think one of money in the bank winners Cash’s in this year?

Keep it up the good works guys.