FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 4/30/19

What did you think of WWE SmackDown?

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Paul from New Jersey

What was with the opening of this show. Felt like a rerun. Didn’t like Kofi at all here.

Is Aleister Black trying to portray himself as the most interesting man in the world from those Dos Equis commercials? It made me laugh and I’m sure that wasn’t the intention.

Both the Iconic’s and New Day should have their own commentary options.

I’d watch Corbin before Reigns. Guy just bores me to tears.

Jay from Colorado

As usual the Iconics we’re the highlight of the night for me. I love these two so much. While they were on commentary I turned on the closed captioning to see if the closed caption guy could keep up with them. Spoiler alert, he could not. At one point I swear he typed “I can’t” followed by a line of gibberish. After that it he just covered Corey’s commentary. God bless this man or woman for their impossible job. I couldn’t imagine how harrowing it would be to type this show live every week. Easily the worst job in the world. Where was I? Oh yeah, I fucking love the Iconics.

The rest of the show was terrible. Just awful. This move to Fox is gonna be a disaster.

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Matt in the 604

Did I miss something in the Lars vs. Hardy’s segment? Lars throws out Matt and then as he goes after Jeff R-Truth hits the ring with no conflict between Jeff and Lars… but when Lars leaves Jeff is laid out. I watched in Canada and maybe missed it??

Love you, 3000…

Yowie wowie these two nights have been tough to stomach. Trying to find the silver lining in either show but nothing is coming to me.

My dearest Brad Lohaus

Hey it’s brandon frm nj great to speak to you again. Been a minute or two since we spoke and I just wanna thank you John for the compliment you said the other night regarding myself inspiring the firefly fun house. I wow I’m tearing up oh man ok Smackdown, wow it was interesting, from women to kofi and Owens it was solid.


-you think with what they are doing with Allie Black with the vinets that they are showcasing him for a potential run at a spokenword/TED Talk tour?

-why did Bad Luck Failure look like a Samoan Dudley brother when he worked against Rocket Man Juice Robinson at Sengohan Lord

-you excited to watch all the Mahabillyshira matches on TNA +

-do you agree with the Reduction Bill Blair announced Monday that the government will give Ontario $17 million over five years to support various anti-drug driving initiatives.

-did rambling rabbit smoke a blunt during that segment

-RIP to Damian with what Chuck Caruso was wearing in the ring

I’m out of here peace

Prakash from Michigan

There was nothing in tonight’s episode that really excited me. The announcements of the MITB participants could not be any less exciting. Why can’t they have wrestlers qualify for the spots, like they have done sometimes in the past. I have always liked Roman Reigns but I have zero interest in his current feud. This feud is not as intense as the previous feuds that top babyfaces have had with the authority - like Stone Cold, Triple H, Cena, Daniel Bryan, just to name a few.

The team of Kairi Sane and Asuka seems to lack chemistry between themselves and with Paige. Paige seems to be wasted without her cutting promos. I believe both Kairi and Asuka need to be pushed as singles competitors instead. And do I sense Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville splitting up? I think Sonya Deville would make a great babyface.

BTW do we know which brand Nikki Cross is on? And where is Buddy Murphy?

And finally, I like the mean streak that Kofi displayed at the close of the show. I don’t remember seeing such intensity in Kofi before. However, it was weird seeing Kofi open the show with pancakes and such high spirits after getting stabbed in the back, or superkicked in the face, by Kevin Owens and having his brother-in-arms Xavier Woods apron slammed last week.

Overall, tonight’s show had some good in-ring action but totally lazy storytelling.

4 stars out of 10.