FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 4/7

John Pollock & Wai Ting will be live at a special start time of 10:05 p.m. ET tonight.

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I saw Hunter had to trot out and announce the return of the fabled WWE Draft, of the PG version of being creatively cuckhold (hey it’s a Friday Patreon show). Also, you think they sold a ton of brand activations for this once a year Draft? They should host these at some city walk outside on the promenade like the NFL. Maybe go 2 days and get through the entire roster. Also have you heard any fans clamoring for a draft?? WWE giving the people what they want since 2023.

Alexander from Portland (attended live)

Very enjoyable show, especially with the energy Portland brought. I could barely hear anything Dom said over the vociferous boos he was getting, it felt like the strongest reaction anyone got tonight. I’m elated that tonight’s show was not like Monday’s underwhelming show, even though tonight we didn’t get either Cody or Roman. All in-ring matches delivered and the pacing made it feel much shorter than two hours for me. Personal highlight of the show was sitting next to a guy that bought a replica WCW title, had no idea they’d be selling them at a live show. Curious to see if the tag/main titles will be split with the upcoming draft, WWE is going to have to do a great job to get us to care about who is on what brand seeing as how it hasn’t mattered at all over the past few months. Thanks for all the Mania coverage, the CM Punk podcast podcast was great too.

Question: do you think Bray Wyatt will be drafted?

Suren in Portland

I was also at the show live, it was my first WWE show since Takeover Portland in 2020 (pre-pandemic).

When the announcers were entering, Michael Cole got a HUGE pop, way bigger than Wade Barrett.

Dark matches: Before the show was Tegan Nox defeating Sonia Devile. After the show: Austin Theory beat Ziggler and Solo vs Riddle but that match ended in a DQ (which was a weird way to end the night).

Overall the show didn’t feel as weird and Vince-y as Raw but it still felt kind of hollow, nothing I’ll really think about in a few weeks.

Thanks as always for all your great work.

Hey guys! First time posting, but longtime follower. Wanted to say fantastic coverage all WrestleMania week and of the WWE sale. The interviews and reports were all top notch!

No doubt this episode of SmackDown blew Raw out the water. Some quality matches, timing was better and felt like we’re moving ahead. Glad they brought Riddle back into the mix and didn’t ignore how he was put on the shelf by Solo. More optimistic now than I was earlier in the week of WWE being able to continue their pre-Mania momentum,

Question: During Triple H’s entrance Monday he was keyed as “WWE Chief Content Officer”. Tonight he was keyed as “WWE Hall of Famer”. Small detail, likely means nothing, but with everything going on, can we read anything into this?