FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 4/9/21

What did you think of WrestleMania SmackDown?

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I fast forwarded through probably half of this show, lots of filler and hype stuff for mania which didn’t surprise me as everything is in place at this point but of course WWE had more unnecessary content to fill. I think I’m still tired from working nights and two nights of takeovers and that main event of takeover night two was great but way too long for me I am pumped for mania though and a couple of the ufc fights leading in to night one.

Love all the coverage you guys provide I wouldn’t watch or care about half of the wrestling I do without your post shows, banter and analysis. Thanks for that!

Ps wai you still lift bro? How is that powerlifting coming along. Any weights at your place?
John who you got Marvin or Holland?

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I don’t know if this even counts as an episode of Smackdown, since it was largely just recaps and video packages. The intent to build up to Mania was clearly there, but there was no progression on any of the stories, nothing to add to any excitement. I have a lot of confidence in the performers giving us some great matches this weekend but I don’t understand the programming strategy at all.

On a positive note: Although it was out of nowhere, I thought that Seth Rollins’ “ad” was a really good parody of campaign-style messaging.

Congratulations to Jey Uso on breaking one of the WWE’s highest profile losing streaks.


Really enjoyed this edition of Smackdown. I thought the tag match was really good, didn’t watch the Tamina match as it was obviously going to be a BS finish, and I really liked Jey getting the Andre Battle Royal win, very smart putting the battle royal and tag match on this show opposed to mania.

Bryan and Roman promos were good, but Highlight of the show for me was the Edge promo, IMO the front runner for promo of the year. When he started talking I having my dinner, by the end my fork was down and my eyes were glued to the screen, he sucked me in.

Best of all, I was done this show in like an hour as I just fast forwarded through all the promo videos.

Sami segment was hilarious, this guy is gold.


Yeah, I am always going to prefer a weekly show based around a lot of story-moving promos than even a full wrestling card. This did it for me. Wrestlemanias are as much about the main events as anything else and they hit it out of the park with this triple threat after last night. And for anyone who hasn’t seen in, the Talking Smack with Heyman and Edge is one of the greatest back and forths you will ever see in wrestling.

Had already thought about what came out in that Meltzer report about Bayley last week when we started noticing she really wasn’t going to have a match. I’ve been feeling like with there being a two-day crowd and then back to the Thunderdome, it might make sense to do “Raw After Mania” things at Mania so they actually get the pops. Bringing back Becky and whoever else here is the move to make and for Bayley and Charlotte’s sake, I hope there’s big moments for them in all this, since a Wrestlemania without 3/4 Horsewomen seems almost inconceivable.