FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 5/14/19

What did you think of SmackDown? Leave your feedback here.

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Paul from New Jersey

The fatal 4 way was really good minus the stupid grab the briefcase spot by Ricochet. Enjoyed the Iconic’s on on commentary more this time around.

between all of the filler and constant commercials, this show is hard to watch. Needs more wrestling.

KO is fantastic.

Jay from Colorado

I really hate this wild card rule. It was hard enough when it was the same guys on Raw week to week, now we’ve got the same guys at the top on both shows. Nothing of note tonight at all, aside from the Iconics on commentary and Kevin Owens outstanding performance as usual. Oh hey, and continuing from my comment last night, the writers still can’t figure out Ricochet, even on Smackdown.

Speaking of wiriting. I saw a rumour that Dana Warrior is overseeing the writing on Smackdown in some capacity. But I can’t see where she’s written anything prior to being hired as a writer. Is there any validity to this?

Matt in the 604

Do you think Lars actually got fined $100k or is this just about making Mars happy? How much do you think he makes anyway? I read some of those comments and he would have been fired if he was on Roseanne.

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