FEEDBACK: WWE SmackDown 5/15/18

We are posting the thread early for any of our U.K. listeners that are attending SmackDown & 205 Live at the O2.

Tune into Rewind-A-SmackDown on Tuesday night.


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Jamie from London

This is the first tv taping I’ve attended outside of house shows and I can’t say I’ve been disappointed. As a UK viewer, to say I’ve walked away seeing a Nakamura/Styles match in the flesh is something I never though I’d be able to say.

The other big takeaway for me is how over Daniel Bryan is. I feel he’s still slotted in a upper mid card role when he should be at the very top, it feels like deja vu with Bryan being positioned awfully and the fans trying their hardest to show WWE where he belongs.

The only disappointment is no Joe, with his only appearance being a promise to find out how big or small Cass is. Brilliant. Doesn’t anyone read these promos back to see how they sound?

This show highlighted to me how Smackdown currently has a number of solid main eventers who can’t all make the show, yet Raw is treading water with the extra hour. How you can compare Joe, Bryan, Styles, Miz and Nakamura against the top 5 of Raw is beyond me and seems backwards, Smackdown needs the extra hour.

Question - with Shayna Bazler performing so well in NXT, do you think Sonya Deville’s days are limited in her current role? It seems they have two identical stars, not counting Ronda, who fit that MMA hydrid wrestler.

This was my first Smackdown show that I have ever attended live and what a great experience it was…

Daniel Bryan was over like rover and I honestly can’t see why he isn’t higher up on the card. He was the most over wrestler of the night by far and it was a great beginning to show to get the crowd pumped up for the rest of the show.

I was disappointed not to see Rusev in person (Rusev was in a backstage segment) and Samoa Joe.
Rusev was the second most over wrestler and it was cool that after the show ended, everyone was chanting Rusev Day while leaving the arena.

The final thing I wanted to say, the Nakamura vs. AJ Styles was fantastic and for me was better then their WrestleMania match and there were several this is awesome chants throughout. I feel that this is a match that people should seek out and watch, as watching it live, it was something else and very enjoyable.

This show overall highlighted to me how good Smackdown and their roster is.

They should honestly do 205 first as a lot of people were leaving the arena. The show had two great matches and it was cool seeing Tyler Bate and Flash Morgan Webster again.

Very enjoyable show.

Are you both excited for the UK tournament at the Royal Albert Hall? Also what do you think of NXT being a part of it too?


Watching Daniel Bryan destroy Big Cass in the opening of SmackDown made me want to see THIS version of Daniel Bryan in the ring. A lovable babyface, but a dangerous technical wrestler inside the ring. who ruthlessly destroys his opponents by targeting a body part until he applies a submission based on that same body part (like that Heel hook).

Then again that’s Drew Gulak’s character minus the babyface factory and people watching 205 live.

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Echoing what many said about Smackdown having so many guys who feel important and Raw killing an entire extra hour with the B Team and No Way (Jose!). Do you think the idea here is Raw will do it’s number no matter what and then Smackdown keeps up numbers with the more dedicated wrestling fans who want to see AJ, Nakamura, Bryan and Joe? If Raw were to hypothetically wind up on Fox I really hope they’d feature all of their best guys and not parade around comedy acts in prime time.

Also I know you discussed All In yesterday but with Starrcast announcing the lineup today and the number of WWE Hall of Famers and Hunter’s buddies is this something WWE will have taken real notice of and care about, or is this a poor man’s Mania to them?

Brenden from California

Has Lana been off TV too long to remember how to do the accent or are they phasing it out? It’s all over the place these days. But I’m hoping today was them scrapping a Rusev/English break-up since there didn’t seem to be any dissension between Lana and Aiden this week.

I’m also going to be hopeful that Asuka will pick up that title at MITB and get her momentum back.

Lastly, despite them having these wrestling light shows lately, I’ve actually been liking Smackdown a lot. Damn, I loved that main event tonight.

P.S. Can’t wait for John’s opinion of Total Bellas. Will Birdie try the high dive?

The Partial Package from Pittsburgh

Well, well, well…how the turntables. The spots, psychology, mind games and selling of the groin in the AJ/Nakamura fued leads us to the obvious stipulation of:

Jockstrap on a Pole match, bro.

Seriously need to see a payoff involving iron underwear, shades of Goldberg spearing Bret Hart with the chestplate on.

Seeing John Cena’s failed facial hair last week, who would you say had the all-time best facial hair in the business?

Louis from Long Beach

A solid show, Good to see them start Andrade off strong with a squash match, I was hoping to see him slotted into Money in the Bank but with the Joe vs Big Cass match announced for next week those hopes are dashed.

Is all well within Rusev Day? No signs of dissension this week but only time will tell. Based on whose in the Money in the Bank Match now who do you think makes the most sense to get the briefcase?

I have to echo pretty much everyone’s sentiment that the Shinsuke AJ match was the best one they’ve done thus far. The finish made sense and tied into everything that has come before without resorting to another non finish. Give me a good stip and more of this at Money in the Bank and I’ll be happy.

Brandon from Oshawa

Daniel Bryan looked better tonight than in all of his return so far. He needs to just start doing random submissions in his matches, like ZSJ. I think the men’s MITB match is looking like one of the best in recent memory, in terms of who could win it. You can make a legitimate case for every guy in there and there are so many interesting scenarios.

Smackdown continues to be so much better and easier to watch than Raw. I definitely don’t find myself wanting to fall asleep when I watch it.